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All HellermannTyton products stand out in their respective industries, but some truly shine. Unique customer needs inspire us to develop smart, value-driven solutions that transform the way they work. Get a glimpse of what we mean.

HellermannTyton AT2000 CPK

AT2000 CPK

Our class-leading automatic cable tie application tool delivers speed, reliability and measurable precision. With its exclusive dual drive motors and versatile adaptability to any workflow, the AT2000 CPK excels in high-volume production environments.

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HellermannTyton Blind Hole Mount Cable Ties

Blind Hole Mount Cable Ties

Quick attachment in deep holes. For threaded or nonthreaded blind holes in electrical and automotive applications, our proprietary mounting technology requires just a press to secure wires or cables. No need for screws or other time-consuming fasteners, and can be easily removed if desired.

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HellermannTyton Fiber to the X

Fiber to the “X”

Cover the “last mile” of connectivity with HellermannTyton’s compact range of fiber distribution enclosures. They provide installers with easy installation, connecting cables from the street level to individual residences and businesses, into and throughout the building and directly to the desk or access point.

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HellermannTyton FlexTack


Mount wires, cables and hoses along curved and moderately angled surfaces. This clever cable tie mounting base flexes to match the contour of many nonstandard surfaces without requiring drilling or additional hardware.

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HellermannTyton MOC and LOC Routing Clips and Clamps

MOC and LOC Routing Clips and Clamps

Confidently secure and route tubes, hoses and pipes with our extensive range of fluid routing fasteners. Equally adept at managing wire harnesses, more than 300 configurations are available, plus the option to customize with no added lead times.

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HellermannTyton Next Gen Identification

Next Gen Identification

When it comes to industrial label creation, our usual position at the head of the pack has taken another leap forward. See the latest time saving and error reducing technology literally redefining workflows in shops across the country.

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HellermannTyton Ratchet P Clamp

Ratchet P-Clamp

One clamp, boundless possibilities. With its patented, one-piece hinge and adjustable bundle capacity, the Ratchet P-Clamp closes securely with the assurance of a click to the desired size. This clamp’s all about ultra convenience, performance and reduced parts inventory.

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HellermannTyton Wedge Clip

Wedge Clip

The edge clip with the extreme grip. Paired with a heavy duty cable tie, our Wedge Clip defies impact, heat, UV exposure and gravity to route cables across frames, rails and similar applications.

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HellermannTyton Wiring Duct

Wiring Duct

An organized service panel is a safe panel. Our wiring duct is approved to carry a recycling symbol – to keep surplus out of the landfills. Solid and slotted configurations provide the desired wire routing performance. Smooth edges protect fingers from scrapes.

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