Source – Sustainability meets wire management

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Source – Sustainability meets wire management

Introducing Source, HellermannTyton’s family of wire management products sourced from sustainable resources. Developed to assist manufacturers and installers in their pursuit of carbon neutrality.
Sustainable products from a plastics manufacturer? You bet.

Meet the Source family

Take a closer look at HellermannTyton’s Source – a brighter future supported by sustainable processes, materials and solutions.

Sustainable Logos Description

Our Source products are made from reclaimed industrial resins, natural fibers and ocean-derived plastics. Better for the earth. Perfect for a range of industrial applications. Materials are at the heart of everything we produce. We match the right material to the proper part and application to optimize performance and longevity. And now, to support and extend the life of the planet.

How it started

We’ve been practicing sustainability for many years, actually. For instance, plastic parts that don’t leave the factory are reground and a percentage is mixed with virgin material. The new parts meet all required specs, and they are made available to customers who want them. Regrinding post-industrial resin keeps it out of landfills and supports our mission for a circular economy.

We’ve also practiced a “Sustainable by Design” philosophy for many years. This product subcategory features parts with reusable designs – like releasable cable ties – and longer lasting materials that extend the life of products and minimize waste, such as our exclusive PVDF solar ties.

Sustainable Regrind
Sustainable FordClip

In 2021, we had the opportunity to work with our customer, Ford Motor Co., on a new initiative. The industry took notice. This wiring harness part for the Bronco Sport is made from ocean plastic. The material performs on-par with standard PA6. The part took first place in the SPE Automotive Innovation Awards competition, environmental category.

View the video below to learn more about the ocean plastic problem and our partnership with Ford.

Sustainable Solution For Automotive

How it continues

A cable tie made from 100 percent reground PA66 plastic. A harness clamp derived from natural cellulose. As we look over the horizon at what we can create for our customers, we see we’re only at the beginning of that journey.

We're excited to be the industry's trailblazer in sustainable wire management solutions.

Sustainable Custom Parts

Custom, sustainable products

We can manufacture custom channels and brackets from several sustainable materials. The relatively large size of these parts can represent a significant opportunity in meeting sustainability goals

There are several options that will reduce your product’s carbon footprint:

  • Manufacture the part with 100 percent renewable material, like PA11.
  • Incorporate natural cellulose filler to reduce the amount of plastic used.
  • Use 100% PIR in place of virgin material.

Contact us for more information on custom parts.

Nothing leaves before it passes the test

All this opportunity to clean up discarded plastics, explore natural alternatives and reduce waste is exciting news. Of course, we wouldn’t do it unless the end product measured up to our reputation for durable, highly engineered products.

We subject our sustainable solutions to the same rigorous testing and validation methodologies we’ve always performed. No compromises. Partner with HellermannTyton and you never have to sacrifice performance for sustainability.
Come back again soon for more updates on our sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Validation

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HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer of cable management and identification solutions for automotive, solar, electrical, construction, industrial automation, broadband and other OEM markets. The company's integrated approach to product design, sustainability, production, quality assurance and delivery is optimized to benefit local and global customers. HellermannTyton operates in 39 countries, with North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (