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Why HellermannTyton

MIL-SPEC, NAVAIR, TACOM, COTS … bring us in with confidence

The defense specifications are more than a box to check off at HellermannTyton. The ongoing security of our nation and its soldiers depends on having vehicles and equipment that stand up to the most extreme situations. We take that responsibility seriously.

We have always focused on the unique needs of the industrial- and extreme-duty markets –where temperatures, impact, vibration and UV exposure are known to test products beyond what’s considered normal. This has directed our engineering toward specifications that exceed what’s typical in commercial applications.

The defense market dictates the highest expectations for heat, chemical and UV resistance. As material science experts, HellermannTyton’s engineers understand these needs and proactively develop solutions designed to thrive in any environmental conditions. Similarly, wear factors such as vibration and impact can shorten the lifespan of most materials, which is why we manufacture our defense-grade products out of high-tensile strength resins and metals. You want them to outlast anything comparable. So do we.

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Trends and Innovations

Ready for duty no matter where we’re deployed

Wherever critical wire and cables must be connected, routed and protected, that’s where you’ll find HellermannTyton. Our engineers remain committed to producing lighter weight yet stronger parts using longer lasting materials designed to withstand heat, UV exposure and vibration better than anything else available. As we see more applications in electric vehicles and hybrids, we’re on-board with products that better fasten and insulate areas that produce unwanted noise.

HellermannTyton has got your back, in tactical vehicles and tanks … on missiles and launchers … onboard aircraft and within jet engines … and inside submarines. We supply the defense industry’s most trusted OEMs, so we’re ready for whatever you’ve got.

Let’s look at your next project together.

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Featured Products for Defense

Trusted by defense contractors and subcontractors for our historical performance in this market, we’ve earned a reputation as a supplier that listens well and responds quickly with the highest quality components.

Braided Sleeving HellermannTyton

Braided Sleeving

HellermannTyton offers many braided sleeving materials to protect hoses and cables from abrasion in harsh environments. Our flame-retardant sleeving is MIL-202 approved to flame retardancy requirements.

Spiralwrap HellermannTyton


This protective sheathing provides abrasion defense and is available in multiple materials. Our polyethylene product is both MIL-I-631D and MIL P-21922B military specified, as is our Teflon (MIL-I-22129C).

Special Material Cable Ties HellermannTyton

Special Material Cable Ties

Our industry-leading ties are available in an assortment of materials that resist heat, chemicals and environmental extremes.

  • PA66 cable ties qualify for the MS3367 military spec.

  • Impact modified, heat stabilized, UV stabilized ties provide excellent resistance to high temperatures and moisture fluctuations for military vehicles and equipment.

  • Stainless steel ties are available in 304 and 316 materials, offering excellent corrosion resistance.

Cable Ties Mounts HellermannTyton

Cable Ties, Mounts and Bundle Separators

These products efficiently route and secure cables and hoses in military vehicles and equipment. When repairs need to be made in the field, our cable tie and mount combination make it possible to cut the tie without removing or replacing the mount, saving time and parts.

Paint Mask Labels HellermannTyton

Paint Mask Labels

HellermannTyton Paint Mask Labels are ideal for assembly processes where parts must be labeled prior to painting them. This is especially significant for applications where the mask must remain in place over an extended period of time.

ShrinkTack HellermannTyton

ShrinkTrak Heat Shrinkable Markers

These ladder-style markers identify wire, cables and components and have side slits for easier wire insertion. They are ideal for use on military vehicles, naval systems, industrial control panels, network operation centers and alternative energy assets. These halogen-free markers meet the requirements of: AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 and 3, SAE-AS81531, MIL-STD-202G Method215K and UL224 VW-1.

TipTag HF HellermannTyton

TipTag HF

Non-adhesive, cross-laminated polyolefin cable markers with die-cut cable tie slots for mechanical fastening. Halogen-free for low fire hazard applications.

Thermal Transfer Printer HellermannTyton

TTM430 Thermal Transfer Printer

A user-friendly printer that renders 300-dpi text and graphics on almost any type of media, including our ShrinkTrak, foam nameplates and other polyester labels. Ideal for medium to large production. Paired with HellermannTyton’s TagPrint® Pro powerful print software, the TTM430 prints readable UID identifiers using the military-specified Data Matrix bar codes.

Molded Shapes HellermannTyton

Molded Shapes

Heat shrink shapes deliver in-line mechanical strength, environmental sealing and strain relief to complex applications involving adapters and/or cables. They combine the advantages of quick, easy installation with high electric strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical and environmental resistance. Our boots, transitions and connector backshell covers, as well as other specialized shapes, are available in a wide range of sizes and options. Use in conjunction with our heat-shrinkable tubing.

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MIL-SPEC solutions engineered to last.
We’ve been in lockstep with you for decades

HellermannTyton plays a pivotal role in supporting our military’s air, land and sea activities in both refurbishment and build projects. Supported by our industry-specific knowledge, customers confidently rely on our expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle.

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