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Trends and Innovations

Weight down, durability up

We share the aerospace industry’s ongoing imperative to reduce product weight in every application. That’s why aerospace manufacturers know they can count on HellermannTyton’s engineering expertise to transform metal parts to feather-light plastic alternatives that go the extra mile in both performance and longevity.

To do this, we consider the many materials and material blend possibilities, and we leverage decades of product design and development expertise.

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Why HellermannTyton

Material expertise

Material ExpertiseSpecialized materials go the distance in reducing weight on your flyaway components. And weight is only the beginning, as we can dial in greater tensile strength and longer service life, too. When developing solutions for the aerospace industry, HellermannTyton’s engineers prioritize weight savings and performance gains simultaneously, ensuring we deliver products that make sense from a cost standpoint.

To construct a solution, we deconstruct the problem

Aerospace Solutions - HellermannTytonOften, our best part designs result from taking a look at the existing wire management and protection solutions on a customer’s aircraft. In many cases, we can consolidate multiple parts with a single replacement part.

Aerospace is highly spec driven, so most of our solutions in this area are engineered custom products. With our technical expertise and injection molding proficiency, we help customers reduce production time while increasing product quality and durability. Our versatile overmolding capabilities further speed assembly operations by eliminating extra steps and parts, such as bushings and soft inserts.

Migrating from metal fasteners and mounts to plastic ones may seem counterintuitive in a highly regulated industry. But we prove time and again that informed engineering can boost reliability, ensure cost savings and significantly reduce labor.

Safety above everything else

Safety - HellermannTytonSafety is a top priority for us both. With thousands of operating hours, heat, cold, temperature fluctuations and high mechanical stress working against you, it’s reassuring to know HellermannTyton's components consistently pass the scrutiny of every applicable certification and standard.

Our products are tested in accordance with the latest national and European standards. That’s certified quality for safety – and for the certainty of maintaining the highest technical level of excellence.

Our in-house validation lab puts parts through rigorous scrutiny. It may not be required, but we do more to simulate real-world environmental conditions than most manufacturers. Our engineers design multiple stress tests to evaluate quality, eliminate tooling challenges and ensure we are well exceeding the performance our customers expect.

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Featured Products and Materials for Aerospace

Working closely with our aerospace customers results in solutions tailored to their demands. For every application affected by environmental factors and the potential for movement or fatigue, we’ve developed fasteners using resins specially formulated to do the job – and then some.

Featured materials for aerospace solutions

  • PA66 – impact, heat and UV resistant

  • ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) – superior strength and chemical resistance

  • PEEK – excellent impact, chemical and heat resistance

Featured products

Cable Ties

Cable Ties

PEEK Cable Ties provide excellent resistance to extreme temperature environments up to 464 degrees F (240 degrees C). Contour style head design provides additional space in constrained areas as well as high tensile strength with low insertion force. We also make cable ties from ETFE as well as other materials.



HellermannTyton manufactures an extensive selection of heavy duty mounting solutions, such as our high-performance adhesive mounts. Between the variety of robust materials and mount styles, it’s easy to route and protect wires and cables any way that’s needed.

Ratchet P Clamp

Ratchet P-Clamp

One of our revolutionary adjustable Ratchet P-Clamps can replace several traditional P-clamps. The rock-solid construction stands up to impact and vibration, as well as UV and chemical exposure. Secure anywhere there is a bolt or bolt hole.


ShrinkTrak Heat Shrinkable Markers

These ladder-style, halogen-free markers identify wire, cables and components and have side slits for easier wire insertion. They are ideal for use on aircraft, industrial control panels and within network operation centers.

Application Tools

EVO® 7 and EVO 9 Application Tools

The only cable tie management tools with HellermannTyton’s exclusive TLC (Tension, Lock, Cut) technology to protect operators’ hands from jarring kickback and repetitive strain injuries. Our tools are well known throughout the manufacturing sector for superior ergonomic comfort and unprecedented precision.

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Proven excellence.
Backed by 40 years serving the aerospace industry.

AS9100 logoFrom AS9100-certified wire bundling components to painstakingly crafted custom plastic assemblies, HellermannTyton puts mission-critical engineering on board some of the world’s most advanced aircraft and rockets. Allow us to break it down for you.

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