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Dec 7, 2020

Social Distancing Control Appliques Developed for Industrial Floors

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton introduces two social distancing identification products for industrial environments. Designed for floor applications, one product is a round marker and the other is a two-inch wide continuous strip on a roll.

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Sept 10, 2020

HellermannTyton to Participate in High-Speed Networking Virtual Event

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton will participate in a 12-webinar event with “Transforming Communities with Fiber Connectivity,” a look at how broadband continues to expand to remote communities and is fast becoming an essential infrastructure, much like a fourth utility.

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May 7, 2020

Solar Wire Management for Single Axis Trackers

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s Wire Management for Single Axis Trackers white paper has been updated to include extensive commentary on bifacial modules as well as
modules with split J boxes.

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Feb 11, 2020

How cable requirements are evolving on wind projects

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton manufactures cable management products and identification systems for a number of industries, including solar and wind.

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Jan 20, 2020

HellermannTyton Breaks World Record

MILWAUKEE - Employees at the three HellermannTyton Milwaukee facilities and Romeoville, IL created and linked chains of cable ties in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

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Jan 9, 2020

HellermannTyton Completes Convoluted Tubing and Accessories Family

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s range of slit and unslit convoluted tubing, fittings, clips and clamps respond to the market's need for a complete, lightweight solution to route and protect wire and cable.

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Sep 6, 2019

HellermannTyton Announces 25-Year Plastic Cable Tie

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s PVDF Solar Tie delivers unprecedented, all-weather performance and longevity in an otherwise familiar-looking fastener design. The cable tie’s unique material is responsible for its extended lifespan, making it the industry’s first commercial-scale, plastic solar tie designed to last more than 25 years.

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Aug 13, 2019

Temporary Markers and Signs Serve Construction and Contractor Markers

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton announces Punch List Markers and Temporary Signs, two identification products targeted to contractors performing construction, interior touch-up or maintenance. Both products are exclusive to HellermannTyton. They use a high-performance, temporary adhesive to bond to walls and most other surfaces, staying in place up to 90 days outdoors. Removal will not damage the surface or leave adhesive residue 

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JUL 23, 2019

Double-Sided Heat Shrink Wire Labels, Low-Smoke Certified

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton’s two-sided ShrinkTrak DS wire markers are ideal for engineers and installers who must use materials that meet non-toxicity and low-smoke standards. Compared to standard wire markers, they offer several advantages that contribute to code-compliance in regulated industries.

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MAY 13, 2019

HellermannTyton Wins 2019 BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton will receive a BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation from BizTimes Media LLC. The I.Q. Awards salute southeastern Wisconsin businesses for their innovative products, services or processes.

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APR 12, 2019

For HellermannTyton's Terry Tuttle, people make a company

Terry Tuttle says the most important part of HellermannTyton North America’s strategy is its people. Tuttle, president of the multi-industrial plastics manufacturing and plastic supply company since 2017, realizes how clichéd that might sound. Tuttle has worked in the Milwaukee manufacturing industry at HellermannTyton for 31 years, and due to her marketing background, she understands how overused and potentially meaningless corporate speak about “our people” can get. – Patrick Leary, Reporter, Milwaukee Business Journal

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APR 2, 2019

HellermannTyton Aerial Support Ties Rated 15+ Years* Outdoors

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s one-piece Aerial Support Tie separates two bundles in parallel routing applications, such as telephone lines running beneath guide wires. The company has an industry reputation for engineered plastics that deliver extended-life performance outdoors and is a major supplier to the solar installation market.

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MAR 11, 2019

HellermannTyton Releases Solar Wire Management Exclusively for First Solar Modules

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton, the leading solar wire management manufacturer, announces the Series 6 RPC Hanger and Series 6 Fir Tree Fastener. The two products are specifically designed to fit the new Series 6 solar modules manufactured by First Solar. This purpose-driven wire management solution was specifically engineered for optimal compatibility with First Solar’s Series 6 solar modules.

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MAR 01, 2019

HellermannTyton Sponsors UWM Women Leaders Conference

MILWAUKEE - It’s more than appropriate that HellermannTyton sponsored the 10th annual Women Leaders Conference presented by UWM’s School of Continuing Education that took place on Friday, March 1, 2019. With a female president at the helm and women at every level in its operation, HellermannTyton North America is a driving force in the development of woman leaders in manufacturing.

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JAN 18, 2019

New Automotive Fluid System Routing Clips Provide Near-Custom Fit

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces the MOC product line, a collection of tube and pipe fasteners for fluid routing systems in the automotive, truck and heavy equipment markets. This product family is ideal for fuel, brake, vacuum, venting, cable and harness, HVAC and powertrain thermal management applications.

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JAN 15, 2019

How to Design and Install Systems When Code Enforcement Varies So Widely

Our electrical expert, Cari Helberg, shares her knowledge of electrical system design and passing inspection with AltEnergyMag.

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DEC 14, 2018

Volkswagen Awards HellermannTyton an A Rating for Process Audit

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton North America has passed the stringent VDA 6.3 process audit required by all European automotive manufacturers. The A rating is the highest possible, indicating a supplier is capable of providing the quality insisted upon by these automakers.

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AUG 9, 2018

Rugged Ratchet P-Clamp Now UL Listed

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s extreme-duty Ratchet P-Clamp has successfully passed validation tests at Underwriter’s Laboratory and now carries the UL Listed designation. The unique adjustable wire, cable and hose clamp offers end users a one-of-a-kind solution to route and fasten in a broad range of applications.

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JUL 27, 2018

HellermannTyton Print Automation Virtually Eliminates Manual Tasks, Errors

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces true print automation, a technology included in the latest release of its label creation software, TagPrint Pro 4.0. Print automation gives commercial label users – such as wire harness and control panel shops – the ability to automate most of their print workflow, boosting efficiency while reducing waste.

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JUN 29, 2018

HellermannTyton Sales Exec Named NAED Manufacturers Council Chair

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton North America National Sales Manager Jason Hill was recently named chairman of the NAED Manufacturers Council. He will serve this role until mid-year 2019.

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JUN 28, 2018

HellermannTyton Adds Flex to Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces FlexTack, a new line of adhesive cable tie mounts designed to adhere to curved and moderately angled surfaces. Available immediately, the product enables installers to route wires, cables and hoses along areas that were once considered off limits.

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MAY 31, 2018

HellermannTyton Proud of Consistent Adherence to ISO 14001 Standards

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton has been certified to have “no nonconformities” in a third-party audit of its adherence to ISO 14001:2015, the current international standard for an effective environmental management system (EMS). The plastics manufacturer has maintained certification to ISO 14001 for 16 years.

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MAY 10, 2018

New-Generation HellermannTyton Stud Mount Cable Ties Deliver High Performance

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a new line of high-performance stud mount cable ties, a family of fasteners designed to bundle wires, cables or hoses and then easily press on to a threaded stud or bolt without tools.

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MAY 4, 2018

HellermannTyton Debuts Two Extreme-Duty Solar Module Cable Fasteners

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton, a specialist in the design and manufacture of robust solar fasteners, announces a high-performance Button Mount with Cable Tie and Locking Clamp. The two products fit the predrilled holes of most solar modules.

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MAR 22, 2018

HellermannTyton Introduces Versatile Line of FTTx Enclosures

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a line of fiber distribution enclosures developed for installers to connect cables from the street level fiber backbone to individual residences and businesses, including options used throughout the building and directly to the desk or access point.

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MAR 20, 2018

New HellermannTyton Website Helps Customers Succeed

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton North America has revamped its website to better serve the increasingly complex needs of its distributor, manufacturer and installer customers.

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MAR 20, 2018

HellermannTyton North America Receives Diversity Award

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton has won a 2018 Diversity in Business Award from the Milwaukee Business Journal. The award recognizes HellermannTyton in the medium-sized business category for its ongoing contributions to support growth and entrepreneurship in central city areas.

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OCT 12, 2017

HellermannTyton and Its Employees Contribute Nearly $18k For Hurricane Relief

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton North America today announced a $17,835 donation to support ongoing recovery efforts in Texas and Florida after back-to-back hurricanes destroyed entire neighborhoods and displaced thousands of families.

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OCT 10, 2017

HellermannTyton Announces First-Of-Its-Kind “Wedge Clip”

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton has developed a heavy-duty nylon edge clip designed to route cables along frames or rails in vertical or horizontal applications. The clip achieves high extraction force via an integrated wedge mechanism that slides along an internal stepped incline until snug against the mounting surface.

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SEP 18, 2017

HellermannTyton Ultra Conduit Fittings Deliver Ultimate Integrity, Convenience

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces an extension to its HelaGuard family of conduit and fittings. HelaGuard Ultra™ Fittings are a line of nonmetallic conduit fittings designed to deliver the highest system integrity in the industry.

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AUG 29, 2017

HellermannTyton’s Push-In Wire Connector Now 40% Smaller

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a significant, space-saving modification to its line of HelaCon Plus push-in wire connectors, now called HelaCon Plus Mini. This type of connector speeds the process of connecting electrical wires, which has traditionally been managed with twist-on wire connectors.

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AUG 01, 2017

HellermannTyton Announces Recyclable Wiring Duct

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton’s entire line of wiring duct is certified by its PVC material manufacturer to be recyclable. The duct was approved to bear the code “3” (PVC) recycling stamp in January 2017 and has been in the field five months.

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JUL 20, 2017

HellermannTyton Develops Innovative Blind Hole Mount Cable Ties

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces an advanced line of Blind Hole Mount Cable Ties for threaded and nonthreaded holes. Designed to accelerate the bundling and affixing of wire bundles and cables for manufacturers, the new mounting system eliminates extra hardware versus traditional screw mounts.

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MAY 31, 2017

Two HellermannTyton Execs Promoted to VP

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton North America announces that Ron Kovac and David Tomashek have been promoted to vice president positions.

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MAR 28, 2017

HellermannTyton Completes Proprietary Data Connectivity Product Family

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces the completion of its GST Connectivity line for use on Category 6A, 6 and 5e networks. The series features compact RJ45 Jacks, CAT6A UTP Patch Cords, Modular Jack Panels and Cable Termination Tools.

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MAR 06, 2017

HellermannTyton Introduces Sling Strap Cable Management

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces the Dual Arrowhead Sling Strap, an eight-inch nylon strap resembling a cable tie with arrowhead fasteners on each end designed for insertion into dual quarter-inch holes in the work surface. The result is a loop that securely hangs cable, wire and conduit without a binding force.

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FEB 23, 2017

HellermannTyton Introduces Extreme-Duty Adhesive Cable Mounts

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a new line of extreme-duty adhesive mounts designed to attach cable and wire bundles with extraordinary adhesion even on difficult surfaces. The mounts accept most cable ties, and are made of a proprietary PA66 blend to resist impact, heat and UV exposure.

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