ratchet o-clamp

Ratchet O-Clamp

Have you got a mission-critical product? Does it rely upon fluid routings or electrical runs, and do they require robust securing? We know that situation and have the solution.

Ratchet O-Clamps are the fastest-installing clamp and mount combo in the industry. They come with or without a TPE liner depending on the application to add routing protection and stability.

Ratchet O-Clamps feature a smaller footprint than our standard Ratchet Clamps, so they’re ideal for use in tight spaces. However, they still include our proprietary, adjustable closure for a range of routing sizes.

Reduce inventory

A metal clamp fits one diameter, requiring you to keep a constant supply of multiple clamp sizes. Metal wrap brackets are three separate, loose pieces and only fit one diameter, causing even more inventory than metal clamps alone.

The adjustable Ratchet O-Clamp tightens around a bundle in micro-increments, like a cable tie, so one product reduces inventory headaches.


The two-shot advantage

An optional thick, soft grip molded inside the clamp secures metal and plastic tubing and restricts rotation and axial slide. The bundle diameter range is 15.5-20 mm.

Our series without the liner delivers a secure grip on rubber hoses and reliably manages electrical routings. This part holds bundles from 18.5-22.5 mm.

So many mounting options, it’s practically custom

With multiple mount options available, the configurable Ratchet O-Clamp reduces the investment cost of customized solutions, and speeds assembly operations, too.

  • Three integrated fir tree mounting options come standard: FT6.5, FTOVAL, FTOVAL9X17.
  • USCAR17 Connector Clip and Connector Clip Slot options are available, which can be configured with other connector clip mounts or custom bracket designs. Compatible with all HellermannTyton standard CC17 mounting options.


Like all products in HellermannTyton’s Ratchet Clamp family, the Ratchet O-Clamp can be easily reopened to service the routing. Just insert a screwdriver. After the work is done, reinsert the bundle and reclose the clamp to the desired tension.

Metal wrap brackets with rubber isolators and P-clamps are challenging to open and service. With the Ratchet O-Clamp, no removing the clamp, no twisting or bending metal, and definitely no throwing away a perfectly good part.

Could you benefit from the ratchet advantage? Contact your sales representative today.