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Safeguard the efficiency of your wind farms

HellermannTyton specializes in cable management solutions that boost the efficiency of the heavy duty systems found in wind power systems. We have been closely involved with the industry – in addition to solar and other business models affected by environmental extremes. Our in-depth understanding of how climate and physical stress impact cable management systems has made us the go-to name for new and existing wind farms.

Wind farm operators count on a high degree of effectiveness to justify the investment. Our robust solutions provide significant reduction in maintenance costs. This is critical as more turbines continue to be added to the landscape.

Because HellermannTyton is a one-stop shop for cable management and more, it’s possible to streamline project management and processes during the planning and construction of your wind turbines. With our comprehensive network of service-oriented branches and expert distribution partners, we can deliver outstanding service here and across the globe.

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Why HellermannTyton

As one of the leading suppliers of intelligent solutions for cable management, we focus on advances that can be precisely tailored to your systems. Durability is our top priority. We specify unique materials for outdoor applications and insist upon stringent quality controls to ensure the reliability of our products.

With a global network of product engineers, we share discoveries and remain at the leading edge of the industry. You benefit by having one trusted partner for robust cable fasteners and protection, intelligent identification solutions, innovative data network technology and ergonomic tools for efficient installation.

We believe direct communication with our customers gets better results. That means listening, analyzing and discussing each particular situation. You can only achieve your efficiency goals if you achieve worry-free operation and cost-neutral maintenance.

Wind Energy - HellermannTyton

We know the wind industry

HellermannTyton makes a range of specialized solutions for wind turbines. For instance, we know the expenses associated with repair work and routine maintenance in tight spaces and under challenging conditions. Downtime is costly. With highly flexible cable management products that can be opened and resealed, you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. And when it comes to retrofitting a long-established wind farm, we make it possible – without the costly dismantling of diverse components.

We also accept challenges that are out of the ordinary, such as the critical cabling for those sensitive sensors inside the rotor blades that are needed to reduce noise emissions. By drawing on this and the many other engineering services we offer, you will increase the efficiency of your wind turbines – because the durability of heavy duty systems contributes to profitability.

A wind farm with electrical substation is like a living organism and places high demands on the network infrastructure. It is necessary to monitor this organism’s vital signs using sensors and transfer this information, which includes data recorded about the gearbox, the power train and the mechanical load on the structure. Also transmitted is information on the condition and performance of the rotor blades, along with data recorded on external factors, such as temperature, wind speed and wind direction. All these signals must be transmitted to the wind farm control unit in a coordinated manner and without data loss.

Only durable materials, coupled with precise and stable workmanship on cable installation parts, can provide the safety benefits necessary to ensure that electricity can be fed in to the grid and sensitive control systems be remotely monitored and operated without error and with a low level of maintenance.

Wind Energy - HellermannTyton

Understanding weather – it’s our calling

HellermannTyton’s most basic nylon solar fasteners contain UV stabilized materials, which last 5 to 7 times longer than so-called “UV rated” nylons. From there, we up the ante with more robust formulations that add incredible impact resistance and heat stabilizers. We’re talking about years of reliable performance, protecting your investment, protecting the power.

Choosing the right materials and solutions is why it’s so important for us to pinpoint your requirements. Identifying extreme weather conditions such as cold, heat, snow and humidity, as well as the high-salt conditions that affect offshore wind turbines, all contribute to long-term value.

Wind Energy - HellermannTyton

Delivering heavy duty

Wherever the dead weight of pipes and cable harnesses in offshore wind farms and on small wind turbines necessitates strong connections, we offer strong, heavy duty mounts you can rely on.

HellermannTyton heavy duty parts can be installed on new or existing systems. And because we know that every minute counts in the time before a wind turbine is connected to the grid, our heavy duty parts are designed for fast installation.

Manufacturers must keep the cost of their product components as low as possible if they are to remain competitive. Many companies, however, make their own components, even though the right parts can often be bought more cheaply. By providing free CAD data (including 3D previews), HellermannTyton enables engineers to find the right solution for their construction project.

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Trends and Innovations

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword

Wind energy technology continues to advance. We never stop observing and analyzing the market. New requirements necessitate new materials and innovative implementation methods in individual solutions. This trend shapes the ongoing development of our products. What does that mean for you? It means you have access to thousands of high-quality solutions to keep your wind energy systems safe and reliable.

Technology for wind energy – with the future built in

The complex arrangement of sensor units and other monitoring systems found in each individual wind turbine has to ensure smooth operation by means of stable, real-time signal transmission and processing. Along with sophisticated cable management solutions, we stock splice sleeves for fiber-optic cables and specially developed connection modules to link your turbines in a cost-saving manner. Our products have been tested in practice for many years, and our portfolio includes numerous sizes and assembly options, enabling us to respond to your individual requirements with the right solution. Fiber-optic cables are enclosed in systematically installable modules to save space. This not only simplifies and speeds up cable installation, but allows you to expand capacity over time.

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