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Double Sided for Twice the Messaging

Need a simple solution for printing messaging on two sides of a wire marker? The “DS” stands for double-sided printing. In applications where wiring may be crowded or obstructed, and label data is critical, ShrinkTrak DS labels allow users to duplicate messaging on both sides for improved message visibility.

Conversely, the two sides can accommodate dissimilar data to take advantage of the extra print area. For example, side one can have uniform information for a set of wires, and side two can feature variable data.

Wire Labels for Regulated Industries

ShrinkTrak DS LabelsWhere identification and safety meet, even the smallest details matter. Manufacturers and installers in heavily regulated industries such as rail, aerospace and other mass transit methods simply can’t afford to compromise on code compliance.

NFPA 130 Compliant

ShrinkTrak DS is a halogen-free, specified solution. Where engineers and installers require materials that meet non-toxicity and low-smoke standards, this is the wire identification for the job.

Our product meets NFPA 130, the North American standard required for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems. This standard was written to address confined public space applications in the rail industry. However, the same concerns affect any similar area that accommodates the public.

Better – Because They’re HellermannTyton

There are other heat shrinkable markers. But only HellermannTyton’s unique ladder-style design assists the user in removing them from the carrier, making an otherwise tedious process easy.

Our design also offers virtually waste-free calibration on the printer. Other heat shrink label systems can require a great deal of pre-feeding to set up each job. Over time, that can really add up.

Powered by TagPrint® Pro 4.0

ShrinkTrak DS PrinterCustomers tell us our powerful label creation software is by far the easiest they’ve used. Only TagPrint Pro 4.0 includes true print automation to add speed and simplicity to the print workflow and make user errors a thing of the past.

We know moving to a new system can be fraught with challenges, from learning how to use it to moving existing label files saved in a different format. Our system offers easy drag-n-drop label creation plus helpful user prompts.

And, only TagPrint Pro 4.0 features a database converter to help companies move their XMT label files over. Walking away from a slow, complicated labeling system couldn’t be easier.

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And, Of Course, the Right Printers Complete the Package

ShrinkTrak DS PrinterUsers can depend on HellermannTyton’s heavy duty thermal transfer printers. The TrakMark DS* leverages two print heads to print both sides of the ShrinkTrak markers simultaneously. This cuts print time in half – no need to reload the labels for a second pass. They make the ideal output device for all-day, high-volume, double-sided label production.

The TT4030 model produces standard one-sided label print jobs as well as double-sided label jobs by running them through a second time. This is an ideal option for environments that can’t accommodate a dedicated two-sided printer.

Multiple ribbon choices create a permanent imprint that survives even harsh environments.

Our printers include free lifetime tech support plus a warranty upgrade and free thermal transfer ribbon when owners register the equipment.

With superior product advantages, abundant game-changing workflow enhancements and renowned HellermannTyton quality, ShrinkTrak DS labels are part of a complete, no-compromise identification solution for companies that can’t afford to compromise.

* TrakMark DS printers feature full-time, two-sided printing. They are not intended for single-sided print jobs.

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