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Taking the chaos out of control systems

In the control panel building industry, organization and identification are essential in driving efficiency. You can find HellermannTyton inside and outside control panels and PLCs, helping to manage, route, protect and identify line and low voltage wiring and data cabling.

Our broad range of products and expertise can also be found along conveyor systems, robotic arms … practically everywhere automation is being used to increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs and deliver optimal manufacturing safety.

Discover how HellermannTyton makes an excellent partner in this space.

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Trends and Innovations

The art of panel building is about packing as much as possible into a space that is as compact as possible. HellermannTyton continues to explore ways to free up space through systematic cable routing and innovative cable marking. Fast, hassle-free component assembly saves time and that translates to added profitability.

Manufacturing plants are seeing increased wire and fiber optic deployment outside the control box, transmitting power as well as information from the data center to the machinery. These are environments where it pays to have a partner that fully understands wire management.

Some applications require increasingly strict clean-up procedures. There again, we have the solution – from chemical-resistant plastic fasteners to liquid-tight conduit and fittings.

The HellermannTyton name has been synonymous with sophisticated and continuously optimized cable management solutions for decades. We have the desire to solve challenges and the range of best-in-class products to support electrical and control panel fabrication, data networking efficiency and manufacturing process effectiveness.

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Why HellermannTyton

One key reason to look to HellermannTyton is our extensive knowledge and experience in wire and cable management. We often work directly beside our customers to learn firsthand where they experience frustration or bottlenecks. They are looking for solutions that are flexible, easy to install and reliable. We can help.

After all, we are manufacturers ourselves – facing many of the same challenges that affect you. Further, we specialize in making the very products you use to manage and identify your systems. In other words, you’re in good hands.

When designing a complex automation system, wire management is often an afterthought. Call us in to assist in the planning process. If you’re undergoing an upgrade, our versatile products make it easy to extend an existing installation or convert to a new one.

Strategically located in 37 countries, we are always close whether you’re in the U.S. or you have an international presence. Our teams are ready to provide local support when needed and we have the global footprint to deliver as you’d expect from a world-class partner.

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Featured Products for the Control Panel

Identification Products

1. Foam Button Label
Provides the look and feel of a plastic engraved or metal plate, but at a fraction of the cost.

2. Heat Shrinkable Labels
Ladder style carrier system for easy printing. Slide Slit and optional center slits for easy wire insertion.

3. Silver, Metalized Polyester Labels
High performance materials and aggressive acrylic adhesive for long-term industrial applications.

4. Pre-printed Signal Word Labels
Professionally designed warning labels for any safety application.

5. Banded Continuous Colored Vinyl Rolls
Only one color needs to be printed to complete the label, resulting in a high-visibility warning.

6. Labels for Thermal Transfer Printer
Wide range of labeling options for organized, fast identification of wires; makes maintenance much easier.

Bundling & Securing

7. Standard Cable Ties
Head design ensures high tensile strength and low insertion force; bent tail allows quick installations by hand.

8. Adhesive Mounting Bases
For use with 18 and 30-pound cable ties to provide stability when securing bundles.

9. Open Head Q-Ties®
Open-head design allows for faster insertion; pre-lock feature provides a temporary hold.

10. EVO 7
Ergonomic handle and exclusive Tension-Lock-Cut technology eliminate tool kickback and hand fatigue.

Routing, Protection & Insulation

11. Slotted Wall Duct & Covers
Keep wiring organized and protected. Fingers breakaway without leaving sharp edges.

12. High Density Slotted Duct & Covers
Same as above, but with more fingers per inch for smaller wires. All our duct is recyclable, too.

13. Duct Dividers
Separate high and low voltage, thus reducing interference. Continuous score lines for smooth breakouts.

14. Helawrap Protective Tubing & Clips
Wraps around cables with a "zipper-like" motion to protect against abrasion and bending stress. Design allows for easy branch-offs.

15. Spiralwrap
Provides flexible cable routing, organization and protection. Sheathing resists most chemicals.

16. Convoluted Tubing
Efficient wire routing and protection. The split down the side allows bundles to be inserted without removing entire assembly.

17. HelaGuard Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings
Flexible abrasion, impact, chemical and UV protection. Easy to use and cut. Our non-metallic fittings deliver IP66 or greater protection.

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