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We’re the muscle supporting the world’s solar power

The world wants solar energy, and HellermannTyton remains vigilant in keeping the industry moving forward.

We work closely with market insiders – manufacturers, site owners and installers. Our sales, marketing and engineering teams do the front-end work, making site visits, addressing specific needs, flexing materials expertise … to make the exact part for a particular application.

Beyond our products, we vigorously promote the benefits of best practices. We’re sitting at the table in many of the organizations that come to agreement on these best practices.

There’s a lot riding on solar. We’re proud to be one of the driving forces.

Our expertise

With products installed on tens of gigawatts, HellermannTyton’s solar industry expertise is recognized both nationwide and around the globe. We’ve consulted with the world’s top EPCs and some of America’s largest utilities.

Nature can be brutal on any material. The solution isn’t more clamps or cable ties.

Then, we consult with customers to match performance with their budget. Looking at capital expenses plus projected O&M costs, we consider what can be done up front to cut out unplanned maintenance down the road.

Forget standard UV rated or low-grade stainless steel. We start with UV stabilized resins, and up the ante with impact-modified and heat-stabilized materials, PA12, POMUV and PVDF.

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Solar Chart

As a base material, PA66 is a weak UV resistant material. HellermannTyton’s unique blend includes an added UV stabilizer, high-impact resin and heat stabilizers. This material offers excellent cost savings while withstanding the everyday wear and tear in most solar applications.

Also known as Polyacetal, a crystalline copolymer. With added UV stabilizers, this material delivers predictable, long-term performance over a wide range of temperatures. It has good chemical resistance with increased strength and rigidity.

This material absorbs minimal moisture, even in environments with frequent humidity cycling. Basic PA12 provides strong resistance to chemicals, oils and salts, while providing excellent UV resistance. We add UV and heat stabilizers to enhance strength and durability.

Our fluoropolymer-based material provides some of the highest UV, chemical and thermal resistance of any plastic resin. Tough and extraordinarily long lasting, PVDF is designed to virtually eliminate wire management failure over the life of a PV system.

Our products are designed to address the unique demands of single-axis trackers and ground mount systems. In part, this means engineering that takes into consideration both temperature cycling and daily movement. It can also involve designing solutions tailor-made to specific modules.

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Complying with local and national codes requires an in-depth understanding of them. Since this can be extremely complicated, we do most of the work for our customers with UL Listed products, thorough education, printed guides and more. Our people actively serve in vital organizations such as SEIA and the NFPA’s NEC - Code Making Panel 4.

For example, our solar labels meet the latest NEC standards. And they’re the best in the business. Why does that matter? One less way to fail an inspection. Reliable inks and durable adhesives to continue protecting those working on your site for years – guaranteed.

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HellermannTyton is known for bringing reliable cable management and label innovation to market first. We invented the first adjustable cable clamp. We were the first to offer a label warranty. The solar market requires this level of attention if it is to thrive amidst established energies.

Remember, even the best parts can fail if used incorrectly. The cost of a failed inspection including rework can erase any anticipated cost savings. HellermannTyton can help you navigate the hidden traps in choosing the right wire management and identification solutions.

Safety is our passion, the highest performance is our benchmark, and value is our byproduct.

About HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer of cable management and identification solutions for automotive, solar, electrical, construction, industrial automation, broadband and other OEM markets. The company's integrated approach to product design, sustainability, production, quality assurance and delivery is optimized to benefit local and global customers. HellermannTyton operates in 39 countries, with North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (www.hellermann.tyton.com).