Conduit Clamp

Conduit Clamps

Introducing HellermannTyton Conduit Clamps featuring our popular Ratchet Clamp architecture for fast, easy, low-cost mounting.

Until now, electrical contractors and installers have had to install conduit using metal clamps that resemble torture devices. And no surprise – they can be torture to use, particularly with their multi-piece designs. It's even worse when the work is being done elevated on a ladder or scissor lift.

Welcome to the one-piece ratchet

HellermannTyton's Inline Ratchet Clamp family features our patented, one-piece, adjustable closure to reduce parts inventory and provide instant flexibility in sizing. Just three parts serve a range of diameters from 0.5 to 2 inches.

Simply insert the conduit and close the one-piece clamp by hand to the desired compression. The clamp's interior is designed to guide and center bundles to reduce pinching.

Conduit Clamps one-piece ratchet

A release feature allows easy and nondestructive removal or addition of cables simply by inserting a small, flat-head screwdriver. In this way, the clamp can be reused without removing it from the mounting surface.

In addition, Inline Ratchet Clamps are specially designed for locations with space constraints or where offset mounting options are not ideal. Choose among two versions, one for flexible metal conduit (IMC) and non-metal conduit, and another for rigid raceway systems.

Choose your configuration



Using flexible metal or non-metal conduit? You'll love the simplicity of our Quick2Clamp. Like its name suggests, it goes on fast. Mount it with one hand – no tools and no mounting hardware, nuts or bolts to lose. Simply twist it into the strut channel, insert your conduit and ratchet to desired tension.

Threaded Rod Mount

Threaded Rod Mount

For rigid metal conduit (RMC), we offer two options. The Threaded Rod Mount Ratchet Clamp simply twists onto existing threaded rods. One piece, no extra hardware. They can be reopened and twisted off, too.

Bolt Mount

Bolt Mount

Our second rigid conduit option is the Bolt Mount Ratchet Clamp. A low-torque version is available to mount onto your struts application.
If using ½", you must add soft inserts, part number: 151-01532.

Using trapeze setups or mounting strut during your install? Preload your strut before hanging it and save a critical step at the installation site. This is a great value-add for contractor and OEM fabrication shops.

Ready for duty

With a load rating of 50 lb, their robust design and durable materials make our Conduit Clamps ideal for heavy duty applications, both indoors and out. The nylon-based PA66HIRHSUV contains no PVC and no halogens. Our Ratchet Clamps are plenum rated for safe use indoors. Outdoors, the clamps are protected by our proprietary heat and UV stabilized formula.

All our Ratchet Clamps have a safety factor of 3 and are UL2239 Listed.

Make the switch

Metal clamps are much more expensive and they're not nearly as easy to use. By switching to HellermannTyton's Conduit Clamps, you'll have a better, labor-reducing product at a lower price point.

Speak to your sales representative about getting a sample to put to the test. We're confident you'll love this superior, new option in conduit clamps.

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