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To the OEMs and assemblers working tirelessly to supply critical equipment in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, thank you.

Like you, we remain open for business as an essential manufacturer, producing industrial-duty bundling, securing and protection products for medical and other mission-critical machines. Please let us know how we can help you make your products faster and safer.

Some products to assist you:

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Why HellermannTyton

Global experience, local commitment

With an established history of manufacturing highly engineered solutions around the world, our product engineers approach new challenges with the confidence that comes from experience. From a single part to the integration of several components into a total solution, we know how to deliver on our promise.

That experience isn’t limited to our products. We speak the language of makers and doers – your language. We support you and your design engineers in-plant or wherever we can collaborate to solve challenges efficiently. If there’s an issue during your product inspection, we can be there to lend our expertise. That includes working with any tier supplier to make the entire process easier for you.

We’re a partner driven by a Customers First culture. For us, that means understanding your industry. Spending the time to become familiar with your product. Looking closer at your current challenges. Developing innovative solutions that aren’t typically available elsewhere.

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Yes, you can build it faster

Our product managers and design engineers pride themselves on exploiting the benefits of injection molding and overmolding. They have discovered myriad ways to reduce parts and processes in an assembly thanks to HellermannTyton’s renowned design and materials expertise.

In most instances where tools have traditionally been necessary, plastic solutions eliminate the need to twist a screwdriver or squeeze a pliers. This more than slashes assembly time, it reduces repetitive strain injuries that negatively impact your productivity. Take our innovative Blind Hole Mount Cable Tie assembly. We replaced multiple parts and a screwdriver with one part that mounts with a simple press. Now, certain wire harness routing applications – from appliances to automobile engines – can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Sometimes, tools have the opposite effect; they revolutionize tedious processes by way of automation. HellermannTyton’s industry-leading auto tool, the AT2000 CPK, is a favorite of machine builders, equipment manufacturers and contract shops. A squeeze of the trigger applies a quality HellermannTyton Cable Tie in under a second, with another ready to go in the next instant. Customers rave about the tool’s impressive uptime, efficiency and precision.

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Where we are is as important as where we are not

HellermannTyton may have tens of thousands of products, but we’ve never been in the commodity business. You can find us on the world’s best-known brands, but not at the discount warehouse.

We invest heavily in great people and equipment, R&D, part validation and other quality areas. We serve on industry committees to help shape manufacturing for the better. We are solution providers as opposed to product sellers.

And we’re told we’re easy to work with.

We understand what you’re trying to do, and we have more choices to solve your pain points. That’s the company we strive to be for our customers every day.

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Featured Products for Machine and Equipment Builders

Cable Ties

Cable Ties

For reliable bundling operations, even our standard cable ties surpass comparable fasteners. Available in multiple tensile strengths, lengths and configurations, with serrations on the inside or out to protect soft wire jackets, HellermannTyton Cable Ties have a proprietary head design that delivers reliable holding strength with low insertion force. 

Snapper Hose Clamps

Snapper Hose Clamps

The Snapper Hose Clamp is made of reinforced, impact-modified, heat-stabilized PA66 to perform optimally in a variety of environments. A quick ratchet closure speeds attachment, and the clamp can be opened again if needed.

Arrowhead Mount Ties

Arrowhead Mount Ties

This fastener has a rubber seal to minimize water or debris from getting through the mounting hole. The anchor adjusts for variations in panel thicknesses, which ensures a secure attachment at all times.

Fir Tree Assemblies

Fir Tree Assemblies

Count on a secure grip and protect the mounting hole against debris. This mount can slide along the pre-assembled cable tie for proper orientation. The fir tree mount is designed to provide a low insertion force and high extraction force. Offset and standoff configurations are also available. When you elevate, separate and eliminate problematic touchpoints, you reduce insulation wear and failure. Count on HellermannTyton for a number of fastening solutions, including our popular Edge Clip Assemblies and Adhesive Mounts.

Routing and Protection Products

Routing and Protection

Build your control panels with high-quality Wiring Duct, Convoluted Tubing, and Helawrap from HellermannTyton provide flexible, liquid-tight solutions for protecting wires and cables.

Ratchet P-Clamp

Ratchet P-Clamp

The versatile, reopenable clamp for managing wires, cables and hoses. A robust design and durable materials make it ideal for heavy duty applications, indoors and out. The one-piece adjustable clamp can be closed by hand to the desired diameter, reducing the number of clamps in your inventory.

Printers and Software

Printers and Software

HellermannTyton’s TT230SM thermal transfer printer is designed for low- to medium-volume printing, delivering optimal performance not found in other small desktop printers. Pair it with our powerful TagPrint® Pro software for the most versatile printing package on the market.

Self-laminating Labels

Self-laminating Labels

These labels are a made of a flexible vinyl film with a white printable surface that easily conforms to wires. The clear “tail” laminates printed text when applied. Labels are UL recognized for indoor and outdoor use. Your identification choices at HellermannTyton are broad, including such quality product categories as ShrinkTrak Labels, Safety Labels and more.

Application Tools

Application Tools

HellermannTyton is far and away the industry’s tool leader, with painstakingly executed manual hand tools, pneumatic tools and fully automatic tools. Performance and operator comfort are equally important. Hand tools feature our exclusive Tension-Lock-Cut technology to eliminate tool kickback and user fatigue. The AT2000 CPK auto tool is designed for dependable precision anywhere from a benchtop to freehand or automated applications.

Trends and Innovations

Whatever the future holds, we will deliver

As IoT continues to evolve and expand to more devices, we keep an eye focused on how we can help our customers manage and protect the increased number of wires throughout these systems. Our deep well of plastics experience gives us an edge in developing ultra-compact solutions that still deliver robust, reliable performance.

Manufacturers need to operate ever more efficiently to remain competitive. HellermannTyton engineers are leading the charge with ingenious ways to eliminate unnecessary hardware and additional parts, as well as creating solutions that reduce part count. Our durable, reliable fasteners stay put without the use of screws and tools boost productivity and reduce strain on your personnel.

Companies are also doubling down on their commitments to sustainable practices. Our pioneering effort to bring recyclable wiring duct to the industry is one example of how HellermannTyton is helping you be greener without making a costly change in your processes.

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