Torque Tube Ratchet P-Clamps

Torque Tube Ratchet Clamps

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The popularity of solar trackers on utility-scale PV installations continues to grow each year. Torque tube systems are at the core of tracker architecture, and they not only support the motion of solar panels on a solar farm, they provide a platform for routing cables.

Torque tube brackets have no wire management, no mounting holes. We’ve seen the workarounds, which prompted us to apply our industry-leading expertise to this relatively new problem.

Start with a Game-Changing Blueprint

Our patented Ratchet Clamp serves as the platform for our torque tube cable management solution. Unlike inferior look-alikes, our clamp has an innovative ratchet mechanism that adjusts to varying bundle diameters while the clamp is being closed.

These Inline Ratchet Clamps can be reopened simply by inserting a flat-tip screwdriver and don't need to be removed - significantly reducing MRO labor costs and easier on installers' hands.

Our Ratchet Clamps are made of high-impact resistant, heat stabilized and UV resistant PA66 with a stainless-steel attachment. They are rated for a 25-year lifespan.

Nextracker and Array Technologies Tracking Systems

Based on current market demand, we created solutions for Nextracker and Array Technologies torque tubes. Together, they account for roughly three out of four tracker systems in use today.

WATCH: This short video shows how the Nextracker clamps work. The Nextracker Inline Ratchet Clamp quickly slips onto an existing tensioning bolt along the torque tube. 

Our torque tube clamps represent the fastest, toolless options available today. They can be pre-installed on cables, which means one less operation in the field. Also, the design allows installation onto trackers even if your modules aren’t delivered yet.

WATCH: This short video shows how the Array Technologies clamps work. The Array Technologies configuration easily slides onto the module bracket like an edge clip. With the adjustable feature, just three clamps cover any bundle diameter from 0.25" to 2.0".

Installers Have Been Waiting for This

Currently, there are no other ideal options for attachment. Existing solutions include products with cable size restrictions, coatings that can wear off, metal surfaces that can abrade cables and parts with openings that could allow cables to fall out.

Even as a leading manufacturer of Solar Ties, we can't recommend cable ties as a one-part-fits-all solution.

Reduce installation labor time, installer fatigue and truck rolls … and adopt a wire management product designed for the life of these systems.

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