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Self-laminating labels featuring the little tab that saves time and money.

Manual label application can be tedious and time consuming, resulting in added labor costs and fewer daily units produced in addition to operator frustration.

Self-laminating TabTag wire labels are extra easy to peel and apply to wires and cables. This means faster, more productive labeling operations with less operator frustration.


Easy to peel, easy to apply

TabTags_instructions_01 1. To peel off label, bend liner to expose tab.
TabTags_instructions_02 2. Press just the tab onto the wire and align label as needed.
TabTags_instructions_03 3. Wrap label and clear tail around wire to laminate the printed portion.
TabTags_instructions_04 4. Finished application.

Add efficiency wherever you can find it

Little label, significant increase in efficiency and profitability. Request your sample to compare TabTags to your current manually applied wire labels. Then reach out to your HellermannTyton sales representative or visit our contact page to speed up your label workflow.