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HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors

Plastic wire nuts are yesterday’s news. Electricians know the story. First, wires must be twisted together, then plastic nuts must be screwed on. Sometimes, installers add electrical tape “just in case.”

Do you want a “just in case” when terminating electrical connections?

HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors replace traditional twist-on wire connectors. They provide faster, easier and more reliable connections and distribution of cable and conductors in electrical installation applications.

Just flip the lever

HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors feature levers that open to allow insertion and repositioning of wires. Once the wire is inserted, the lever can be snapped closed to establish a secure connection.

The lever acts as a quick release too, simplifying maintenance. With the old wire nuts, after unscrewing the fastener, the twisted wires must be separated. This is difficult to do with solid wire, and it can break stranded wire.

HelaCon Releasable closed
HelaCon Releasable open

Safer for installers

All that twisting can be a pain – in the hands, wrists and bottom line. Anything that can injure a team member should be re-evaluated. And if it slows down productivity, that’s cutting into profits.


HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors are suitable for use with 12 AWG solid wire and 14 - 28 AWG stranded wire. Connecting more than three wires can be a challenge using wire nuts. HelaCon connectors make it easy to connect up to five conductors..

They can connect solid and stranded wires within same housing for versatile wire management.

Their clear housing eases inspection by providing visual verification that wires have been inserted properly.

Fast and safe. That’s HelaCon, exclusively from HellermannTyton.

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