Cable Stackers

Cable Stacker

Ultra-organized cable runs from planning to completion.

Let’s reimagine conveyor system cable management

The Cable Stacker is a cable mounting and positioning device that organizes multiple cable runs and relieves congestion of wire pathways along conveyor systems and automation equipment.

The mount’s individual cradle partitions enable faster installs and reduced rework – which can be costly – while improving aesthetics.

EZ Build and EZ Installation

This one part can eliminate waste and re-work and reduce installation time over the entire build, tear-down and re-install process.

Cable Stackers mount fast with two screws. The built-in adjustability feature gets things just right.

Pre-build routings using the convenient cable pockets. Isolate power runs from data cables to mitigate signal-noise issues. Make everything look perfect.

Cables stay in place without separate fasteners such as cable ties that will eventually need to be removed for transport.

Once the build is checked and confirmed, installers can quickly re-route wire bundles at the final assembly location.

Cable ties aren’t required, even after the final build. But if they are desired, Cable Stacker’s EZ Feed system consists of a slot to insert the cable tie and a groove to route the tie around the bundle without obstacles such as cables getting in the way.

Cable Stacker Features

Maintenance friendly

Upgrades, changes or breakdowns happen. Cable Stackers make it easy to access wire bundles if needed. The EZ-in / EZ-out retention pins allow for quick and easy wire inserts, adds and removal.

If a cable tie was used and needs to be cut off, the unique CutZone on each level of the Cable Stacker provides an isolated safe space to use a wire cutter without risk of nicking cable insulation.

Get the ultra cable management advantage

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