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The number one fastener supplier to the truck and heavy equipment industry

HellermannTyton fasteners and routing products are on board virtually every truck on the road today. Talk about trust. We’ve been supporting the world’s leading truck and heavy equipment manufacturers with extremely durable fastening, mounting, protection and identification products for decades.

Consider what these vehicles must endure on a daily basis. Constant, jarring vibration. Punishing temperatures and UV exposure. Potential contact with harsh chemicals. Abrasion. Impact. No component on these vehicles can be compromised. We outfit these bigger machines with bigger, more robust parts engineered to deliver dependable, heavy duty performance over the long haul.

From trucks and busses to construction and agricultural vehicles, for wire management under the chassis, in the engine compartment or in the cab, HellermannTyton has the best solution.

Truck Heavy Equipment HellermannTyton

Why HellermannTyton

With our corporate-wide “Customers First” philosophy, we focus on what matters to you most. Quality, sure. Within your budget, absolutely. Longer lasting materials to reduce maintenance, now we’re starting to see the HellermannTyton difference. Superior engineering and extensive internal testing. Breadth of solutions. Assigning an engineer to work one-on-one with your team. Faster response times. That’s HellermannTyton.

With our global footprint, HellermannTyton dedicates teams of engineers to developing products perfectly matched to customer specifications. Our experienced product designers leverage the latest tools and technologies to better respond to today’s complex challenges.

Some of the ways we think about industry needs

Choose the right material

Our many years’ experience in product development provides you with the right materials for the application. For trucks and heavy equipment, we recommend a minimum of heat stabilized PA66. Better performance comes from impact modified, heat and UV stabilized materials, which deliver incredible performance over the long haul.

If a suitable material for your application doesn’t exist, we will work closely with you and our raw material suppliers to develop one. We’re your reliable partner throughout the complete development process – from first contact to serial production.

Reducing development time

Our product developers work simultaneously with your engineers while we develop the solution. It shortens the development phase, even for parts whose dimensions have not yet been completely finalized.

Consolidating parts

Understanding the extensive capabilities of injection molding enables us to consider areas where many parts can be replaced by one. For example, each of our revolutionary Ratchet P-Clamps replaces several standard P-clamps. Some applications warrant a custom solution, and we have assisted several major manufacturers with part-saving, time-saving innovations.

With a routing assessment, our engineers examine a customer’s existing piece of equipment, taking account of all wire fasteners, mounts and routing. It’s an ideal way to discover where we can consolidate parts, reduce vehicle weight, increase quality and provide other advantages that result in lower costs.

Reducing weight

Environmental accountability compels industry manufacturers to make vehicle weight reduction a priority for fuel conservation. In addition to developing lighter yet stronger materials, HellermannTyton engineers are looking at every opportunity to replace metal with lightweight plastic while maintaining quality and performance. Our injection-molded parts offer complete freedom in geometric design, allowing easier integration of other functional elements. They are also corrosion-resistant, extending the lifespan of components that once were made of metal.

Truck Heavy Equipment HellermannTyton

Featured Products for Truck and Heavy Equipment

Wedge Clip

The Wedge Clip routes large wire and cable bundles or hoses along frame edges or rails. Forget bulky clamps and destructive mounts that require drilling. The Wedge Clip achieves high extraction force using an integrated wedge mechanism, delivering extreme-duty fastening performance in a product that’s quick and easy to use.

Wide Strap Cable Tie

This heavy duty bundling workhorse is designed to minimize the pinching of soft bundles and the potential of lateral movement along the bundle. The low-profile head and underside clamping rails increase the grip around the bundle and provide a better fit than traditional cable ties.

Dual Clamp Tie

Designed to provide parallel separation between hoses, wires, cables and tubing to protect them from abrasion. These ties have an optional mounting hole for securing bundles along the chassis of trucks, trailers and heavy duty equipment. The unique one-piece design features a dual head centered on the strap.

Ratchet P-Clamp

One of our revolutionary adjustable Ratchet P-Clamps can replace several traditional P-clamps. The rock-solid construction stands up to impact and vibration, as well as UV and chemical exposure. Secure to frames, rails or anywhere there is a bolt or bolt hole.


HellermannTyton manufactures an extensive selection of heavy duty mounting solutions, such as our high torque mounts, stud mounts, fir tree mounts, standoff mounts, bundle separators and more. Between the variety of robust materials and mount styles, it’s easy to route and protect wires and cables the way you want to.

Braided Sleeving

This flame-retardant woven (threaded) polyester sleeving protects bundles from cuts and abrasion, and contains a combustion inhibitor allowing it to achieve a UL and CSA flame resistance rating of VW-1. It is among several mission-critical choices in wire protection, including our Spiralwrap, Helawrap, convoluted tubing and heat shrinkable molded shapes.

Paint Mask Labels

HellermannTyton Paint Mask Labels are ideal for assembly processes where parts must be labeled prior to painting them. This is especially significant for applications where the mask must remain in place over an extended period of time. HellermannTyton makes a variety of heavy duty wire markers, safety labels and high-performance printers.

EVO® 7 and EVO 9 Application Tools

The only cable tie management tools with HellermannTyton’s exclusive TLC (Tension, Lock, Cut) technology, which protects operators’ hands from jarring kickback and repetitive strain injuries. Dial in the exact desired cable tie tension to one of 33 settings for unprecedented precision, and cut flush or leave a tail. For faster performance, HellermannTyton makes a range of pneumatic and electric application tools.

Truck Heavy Equipment HellermannTyton

Trends and Innovations

Today’s advanced diesel engines are producing more horsepower and torque than ever before. There’s a lot of heat in these powerplants, necessitating bundling and routing components that can take the abuse. As materials experts, we answer the call with products made from PAEK, which requires special molds but delivers heat and flexibility advantages for our customers.

Heavy equipment performs herculean tasks. Extreme impact and vibration are all in a day’s work – and threaten every component attached to a piece of machinery. HellermannTyton studies the effects these variables have on fasteners. We use the information, combined with our materials expertise, to develop more robust parts that exceed the lifespan and installation ease of existing parts.

We enjoy our leadership position in this market, yet we never sit back in complacency. We proactively talk with customers in trucking, construction and agriculture to stay at the forefront of new product development.

Our product managers and engineers are the forces behind our unique industry position. Today’s advanced plastics combined with innovative part design create stronger, lighter parts that reduce inventory, slice installation time and extend service life.

When you partner with HellermannTyton, you get the most dependable solutions in truck and heavy equipment.

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