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Your needs, like the industry itself, constantly evolve. Our diverse group of tailor-made components for automotive customers incorporates decades of design and development experience.

Select from our extensive portfolio, or we can engineer a solution for a perfect fit. Our products range from fasteners and protective products to dimensional plastic assemblies for a wide range of challenges, such as high temperature or heavy duty and hybrid applications.

Custom Routing Clips – Without the Custom Wait Times

Reliably routing multiple bundles side-by-side or at non-parallel angles has long been a challenge. Clips typically fail under vibration. That is, until HellermannTyton developed the MOC family of tube and pipe clips. With hundreds of off-the-shelf configurations available, it’s like getting a custom solution without the custom development time. Go configure!

Learn More about MOC and LOC Routing Clips and Clamps >

Challenge solved

Automotive standards demand intense focus on quality, performance and longevity -- from reliability targets to withstanding temperature extremes of minus 40 degrees to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, to abating noise and vibration. We solve these challenges and more, in dependable HellermannTyton style.

firm hold

Firm hold

Keeping fasteners positioned securely without damaging cable bundles is possible when you have a product designed for the application – softer materials, rounded off edges – as well as the best tensioning tools in the industry.



Penetration of water or dirt can be avoided with a soft seal adapted optimally to the surface where the part is affixed. One of our cable fasteners is specifically designed for a car door assembly. The arrowhead design ensures easy insertion without additional tools. In combination with a black foam rubber seal, the plastic disc protects against the ingress of water.

vibration protection

Vibration protection

Engineered plastic components permit firm, secure guidance of cable bundles while protecting them from the damaging effects of vibration.

noise reduction

Noise reduction

Holding and routing wires using plastic parts and, optionally, soft inserts, ensures firm attachment of bundles while mitigating noise sources.



Special materials as well as protective routing products like braided sleeving respond to challenges posed by high temperature environments and areas subject to chemical contact.

application tools

Application tools

HellermannTyton is the industry tool leader. Our emphasis on performance plus operator comfort has resulted in the most preferred automatic, pneumatic and hand tools on the market.

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Acclaimed automotive expertise

HellermannTyton has been a market leader in premium cable management systems for several decades. We are world renowned for innovative products precisely tailored to new vehicle specifications and platforms.

We understand what it means to be a partner, one that understands your business needs. The components we manufacture for vehicle applications are certified according to current automotive standards – and they meet our customers’ quality standards, too. This is only possible because of our rigorous quality assurance processes and continuous interaction with our customers.



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Products that meet your demands

HellermannTyton’s highly engineered bundling products, fasteners, protective tubing and structural plastic solutions are specified by OEMs and tier manufacturers the world over. Our global network of manufacturing facilities, design centers and distribution partners ensure a consistently high level of service, flexibility, fast response and consistent delivery times. When our industry-bred sales representatives stop in to learn about your needs, you can rest assured they speak your language.

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Bundling Products 2

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Ready to work with you

As a leading automotive supplier, we deliver the highest standards of quality, every day:

  • Only use high-quality raw materials.

  • Precision manufacturing through in-house tool making.

  • Mold flow analysis to optimize injection-molded tools and production conditions.

  • Comprehensive testing to ensure smooth working processes, top quality and the durability of products in our portfolio.

We are experienced in, and capable of, exceeding the rigorous demands of automotive manufacturing.

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Why HellermannTyton

Advanced engineering expertise

HellermannTyton dedicates teams of engineers around the world to developing products perfectly matched to customer specifications. Our experienced product designers pave the way, using advanced technology and innovation, to elevate customers’ expectations of how cable management can help meet company goals. HellermannTyton’s local engineering centers are supported by global communications systems to collaborate on technological advancements that can benefit our customers.

Some of the ways we think about industry needs

Reducing Development Time - Automotive

Reducing development time

Our product developers work simultaneously with your engineers while we develop the solution. This can include positioning a resident engineer onsite to work side-by-side with your engineers. It shortens the development phase, even for parts whose dimensions have not yet been completely finalized.

Reducing Weight - Automotive

Reducing weight

The industry requires suppliers to make weight reduction a priority. In addition to developing lighter yet stronger materials, HellermannTyton engineers are looking at every opportunity to replace metal with lightweight plastic while maintaining quality and performance. Our injection-molded parts offer complete freedom in geometric design, allowing easier integration of other functional elements. They are also corrosion-resistant, improving part reliability and lifespan.

Consolidating Parts - Automotive

Consolidating parts

Understanding the extensive capabilities of injection molding enables us to consider areas where many parts can be replaced by one. For example, each of our revolutionary Ratchet P-Clamps replaces several standard P-clamps. Likewise, we developed a single oval fir tree mount capable of fitting four different common automotive hole sizes that achieves industry insertion force/extraction force specifications.

Choosing the Right Material - Automotive

Choosing the right material

Our many years’ experience in product development provides you with the right materials for the application. If a suitable material for your application doesn’t exist, we will work closely with you and our raw material suppliers to develop one. We’re your reliable partner throughout the complete development process – from first contact to serial production.

We’re there for you – and we mean there

When you have limited timing or special requests, a HellermannTyton engineer will work side-by-side with your engineers. This shortens the development phase, even for parts whose dimensions have not yet been completely finalized. It’s also how we’ve developed some of the most enduring partnerships. Your market is part of our DNA, a relationship that extends from the automobile plant to the tier suppliers to our distribution network. With operations in 37 countries, support is always within reach.

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Trends and Innovations

Complete design flexibility: because the industry is changing fast

Consider some of the growing trends … electric and autonomous vehicles, for example. We are seeing increased demand for specialized components that support new electronics, batteries and advanced braking systems. LiDAR, radar, cameras, AI – these applications demand more wiring and innovative ways to manage it without adding weight or bulk. We thrive amongst these challenges.

We have close relationships with the automotive tier suppliers as well. The companies supporting the auto industry with wire harnesses and other electrical applications count on our OEM-certified bundling, fastening, mounting and routing solutions. Just as important, we are the industry leader in tool systems, making assembly faster with special attention to ergonomics.

The environment can be unforgiving

HellermannTyton has earned a coveted reputation across the industry for understanding the complex needs of automakers. The growing trend in using turbo-charged engines in tighter spaces leads to new levels of temperature extremes. We are blazing the trail in under-hood, heat-resistant solutions, allowing automotive engineers to dial in desired performance while optimizing value.

Just as important, our plastics are formulated to withstand chemicals, salt spray, battery acid and anything else that might accidentally splash against the components you depend on.

Click here to view our Materials Guide for Bundling & Securing

Talk with your HellermannTyton area sales manager or distributor. Most of the solutions you’ll ever need are already designed, stocked and ready to ship. For the unique application not yet addressed, let’s start a conversation.

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