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Designed to Separate

HellermannTyton’s one-piece Aerial Support Tie delivers superior, long-term strength. In parallel-routing applications where wind, prolonged UV exposure and extreme temperature punish fasteners, this is the one that sets the standard.

The Aerial Support Tie separates and secures the cable to the messenger. The all-in-one design means no wasted time doing pre-assembly and no chance of losing parts during installation. These ties can be attached without tools, which helps installers work faster.


  • PA66HIRHSUV is a UV resistant, heat stabilized and impact-resistant material that delivers excellent performance outdoors.
  • 15+ year life expectancy for long-term reliability, less frequent servicing*.
  • One-piece design reduces installation time.
  • Plastic offers robust performance and costs less than steel fasteners.

*  The Aerial Support Tie and other HellermannTyton products made from our PA66HIRHSUV material have been deployed in outside plant applications for over 20 years with excellent results. 


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Supporting Outside Plant Communications Cabling

Aerial Support Ties (TAS ties) are designed to hold these cables to the messenger wires, maintaining separation to avoid damage and access the ports of the aerial splice enclosure. The Aerial Support Tie is used throughout the aerial network to secure the cable between the messenger wire tie-off points and guide the cable past the pole, providing both a secure hold and the required separation from the messenger. For cables extending to the home or business, the TAS tie is ideal for securing the final drop cable from the pole to the building.


Instructional Video on Aerial Support Ties

TAS Instruction step 1

Wrap strap around the cable, with the strap serrations on the outside (1a) and insert strap upward through slot marked "Loop1" (1b). Pull strap around cable.

TAS Instruction step 2

Loop strap aerial support wire (2a) and downward through slot marked "Loop2" (2b). Pull strap and tighten around aerial support wire.


Extended Length Ties provide a high tensile strength strapping system consisting of a continuous strap and separate locking head, making it suitable for any bundle diameter and eliminating waste. The smooth strap and specially designed heads provide a strong grip on cables and wires without damage during vibration or in extreme environments. Stackable spacers are available to increase the separation between the messenger and cable for aerial splice enclosure applications.


  • Continuous strap and separate heads allow for any bundle diameter, eliminating waste.
  • Smooth strap prevents cable damage.
  • High-strength material stays flexible in low temperatures; UV resistant resin for prolonged life in all weather conditions.


Aerial Support Tie


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