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CIJ4800: High-Impact Industrial Labels On Demand


Using color labels and signage to draw attention to potential hazards? Of course.

But how do you acquire them? Purchase them online? Create them on an inkjet printer? Thermal transfer print them on color-banded rolls?

We all want to do the job right and be code compliant. We also want to save money. Can the HellermannTyton CIJ4800 make all this a reality?

Ink that Lasts

Let’s start at the heart of identification: the message. HellermannTyton’s CIJ4800 uses pigment-based ink, an industrial-grade advantage over dye-based inks.

Many commercial inkjets use the same ink technology found in home offices. Dye-based inks perform well initially, but they tend to bleed if they become wet and won’t stand up to the abuse occurring in many industrial environments.

Pigment-based inks are formulated to withstand exposure to chemicals, solvents, water and excessive UV light. The CIJ4800 printer uses an all-in-one color cartridge for simple inventory and a straight-forward replacement process.

And unlimited colors enable users to meet all codes, standards and industry requirements.

DIY Labels – More Convenient and Cost Effective

The CIJ4800 gives shops the freedom to print critical, code-compliant identification the moment it’s needed. Many medium- to low-volume users of color warning labels simply purchase them as necessary online – and wait for them to arrive a day or more later. And the cost per label purchased online is about four times greater than printing on demand.

Even the label format is convenient … roll-mounted label stock that comes in four widths from 1" to 4". Continuous blank rolls can accommodate virtually unlimited label lengths and designs. Versatile, too:

Polyester and polypropylene labels – superior materials with a higher temperature rating for most common label applications, including those where heat makes ordinary labels fail prematurely.

Paper labels – excellent choice during production for internal use or for creating a customer label that can be removed later since they’ll stay put until you don’t want them any longer. Some companies manufacture machines that are tested while connected to the local power grid. These may require arc-flash labeling specific to their facility, but once shipped are no longer needed. Our paper labels are durable and secure yet easily removed and will not leave adhesive residue.

While rolls with a colored header can save time when printing larger batches of one label type, they can be a change-out and inventory hassle if you’re constantly printing a variety of messages.

Sheet-fed labels result in waste, since unused labels on the page must be thrown away.

Pro results

The CIJ4800 supports an ultra-crisp 4800x1200 dpi resolution. Some competing models max out at 360x720 dpi. Why would you need high-end printing for industrial labels? Imagine printing photographs on a label to accompany product setup instructions. Or printing tiny text that is still readable. Your capabilities multiply with a printer of this caliber.

Of course, you’ll pair it with TagPrint® Pro – a $520 label creation suite included free with the CIJ4800. Get going fast with pre-saved designs of the most common safety labels. Or, build your label from a template or from scratch using intuitive design tools.

Practically prints money

The CIJ4800 printer package delivers ROI quickly, particularly for those who are purchasing small batches of safety and warning labels.

With the included premium software suite, users have access to the industry’s most intuitive label design package along with powerful features like Print Automation and a code-compliant template library. That alone retails for over $500.

And the 3-year warranty beats the industry-standard first-year protection, which pays in peace of mind. When customers asked us for a better alternative to purchasing full-color label packages online, we responded the HellermannTyton way … with a superior solution that delivers long-term value.

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