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A note from Group President Andrew Leyland on sustainability

Sustainability drives growth, complements quality and inspires innovation.

Acting responsibly in environmental, economic and social terms is anchored in our mission and culture

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At HellermannTyton, we see sustainability as an opportunity to make positive differences whilegrowing our business. We recognize the importance of minimizing the impact of our activities and those of our customers on the environment.

We understand that every contribution to reducing emissions through weight reduction and lower energy consumption counts, as does designing for reuse and successively improving the recyclability of our products and packaging at the end of their use.

For this reason, we are committed to acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and aligning our activities with the aspirations of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Enabling our customers to make sustainable part choices

It's exciting to see how our solutions expertise is already helping customers around the world to make progress toward the targets in their own sustainability strategies. This ranges from the replacement of metal parts with lighter plastic alternatives to advice on the right cable management choices. This of course includes innovation of products based on more environmentally friendly materials and those from recycled sources.

We also recognize that partnering is essential for us to achieve our sustainability goals. Through collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we are confident that we will make big differences in the long term.

Getting to grips with climate change means pulling together. That is why we will work with our partners across the value chain to encourage commitment to decarbonization.

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People, not just technology, make sustainability happen

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It is the collaborative action of motivated people that makes sustainability happen. We also appreciate that achieving the goal of being more sustainable requires a culture where our employees can actively learn, share, collaborate and implement changes today that contribute to a better tomorrow.

That is why we work actively to maintain a workplace free of discrimination, where respect, inclusion, diversity and integrity are the foundation of our behavior.

By consciously making positive differences wherever we can, every day, I am confident that we will collectively achieve our climate goals and create a more sustainable planet for the generations to come.

Our path to more sustainability

HellermannTyton seeks ways to minimize our environmental impact and to encourage and enable our employees and customers to make positive contributions toward a more sustainable future.

Discover the specific targets and activities in our sustainability focus areas by clicking on the sections below.

Click on the sections below to discover specific targets and activities

STRATEGY: Framework and commitments

Framework and commitments

PEOPLE: Providing opportunity

Providing opportunity

PLANET: Minimizing impact

Minimizing impact

PRODUCT: Enabling sustainability

Enabling sustainability

GOVERNANCE: Operating ethically

Operating ethically

INSIGHTS: Positive differences in the making

Positive differences in the making

Sustainability assistance

Please contact us with questions regarding sustainability and governance. We look forward to hearing from you and will respond as quickly as possible.

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