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At HellermannTyton, we regard sustainability as a fundamental characteristic of the high industrial quality our brand is known for. This is reflected in the actions of the people who work at the company. Below are examples of how our sustainability strategy is bearing fruit.

Reducing component weight

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Beyond wiring harnesses, many other components need to be securely fastened to the chassis of a vehicle.

HellermannTyton engineers possess unique expertise in replacing heavier metal components with lightweight alternatives made from high-performance thermoplastics.

In this example, we reduced the weight of a bracket for a hydraulic ABS/ESP control unit by over 70 percent for our automotive customer.

We also manufacture such production parts from recycled materials.

Putting waste to good use

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HellermannTyton North America collaborated with the Ford Motor Company to develop and manufacture a clip from 100 percent recycled ocean plastics for the Ford Bronco™ Sport.

The small part had a big impact when it won first place in the environmental category at the 50th SPE Automotive Innovation Awards.

Our team persevered despite the challenges, believing in the long-term impact of such pioneering projects. This success inspired us to further explore recycled plastic materials and polymers derived from non-petroleum sources.

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Focus on wellbeing

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From doing home repairs for the elderly and tips on healthy habits to donating blood or taking on fitness challenges, HellermannTyton employees around the world take part in a variety of activities organized at their local workplaces.

It's easy to participate, and the response is so high, activities are available on an almost weekly basis.

Reuse means less waste

reusable products in focus

Multiple-use products contribute to a reduction in waste and the energy consumption typically used to create plastic materials and then transform them into products.

Products designed for reuse help decrease the need to manufacture single-use products and their subsequent recycling.

At HellermannTyton, we advise customers on which of our products meet their needs with the least environmental impact.

Recycle what you have

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All plastic injection-molded parts are made from a virgin material that starts out as pellets. Frequently, we recycle plastic parts and manufacturing by-products that don’t leave the factory by regrinding them into pellets and mixing a percentage of them with virgin material.

The resulting parts are tested to meet the same stringent specifications as our non-recycled products.

Regrinding post-industrial resin keeps it out of landfills and supports our mission for a circular economy.

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Sustainability assistance

Please contact us with questions regarding sustainability and governance. We look forward to hearing from you and will respond as quickly as possible.

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