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Large-Format Labeling for Tight Spaces

The HellermannTyton FlagTag is an innovative, flag-style solution for labeling various wire and cable sizes. It can be used to identify a single wire or cable, a bundle or multiple wires or bundles in a single application. Whether the application is in data centers, machines or any hard-to-reach area, FlagTags are an ideal option for organizing and marking wire and cable.

Easy to Use, Easy to Read

FlagTags can be peeled and applied quickly – with one hand, if desired. The perforation ensures a symmetrical fold, so the two display panels come together without leaving exposed adhesive, which could otherwise stick to adjacent labels.

The tail portion becomes “locked” between the two panels, so no worries about it peeling loose over time. Since the labels are printed flat, both sides can display ample data, including bar codes and graphics. Once applied, the flags stand out, making all that information easy to view.

Suggested Applications

FlagTags can be used for any wire or label identification needs. They truly shine in high-density wire and cable groups, where it’s not possible to move the wires to view critical identifiers.

  • Server racks
  • Control rooms
  • Mobile news and production vehicles
  • Enclosures

Thermal Transfer and Laser Printer Options

Templates are included in TagPrint® Pro print software for use with HellermannTyton thermal transfer printers or any laser printer.


About HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer of cable management and identification solutions for automotive, solar, electrical, construction, industrial automation, broadband and other OEM markets. The company's integrated approach to product design, sustainability, production, quality assurance and delivery is optimized to benefit local and global customers. HellermannTyton operates in 39 countries, with North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (www.hellermann.tyton.com).