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Game-Changing Print Automation

Print automation unleashes your productivity, saving you time and virtually eliminating costly operator errors.

If you regularly print labels, you’re no doubt familiar with these pain points:

  • Operator errors lead to incorrect data on your customers’ labels.

  • You print the wrong label – or use the wrong printer.

  • It’s a chore to find and open all the label files you need for each job.

  • A customer returns a mislabeled job for rework.

Learn more about the simple, smart solution to these productivity and profit killers.

Create label groups with drag-n-drop simplicity.

Create Label Groups - Print AutomationYou probably print a batch of labels for a single job. Here’s a tip: Instead of opening each label individually, create a job folder and give it an easy-to-identify group name. Then, just drag and drop all the applicable files into the folder. No more opening the files individually.

This not only saves time, it ensures the operator won’t select an incorrect label.

For frequently used label groups, “pin” the batch name right to your file menu and access the labels in an instant.

Reduce user errors by restricting access.

Reduce User Errors - Print AutomationManual data entry has a way of attracting mistakes. Human errors are a common, costly problem when it comes to label printing.

Among print automation’s biggest strengths is the ability to reduce or completely eliminate operator error.

Set up commonly used label files once, check them for accuracy, then store them – complete with their individual print quantities, printer destinations, variable data instructions and more. No need for the operator to enter any information.

Print entire batches of labels with a simple scan of a bar code.

Scan Bar Code - Print AutomationSearching for, opening and printing label files individually is not only tedious, it is one more area where mistakes are made. That doesn’t include the mistakes that can occur when an operator must select the printer, enter a quantity and add variable data.

With HellermannTyton print automation, the operator simply scans a bar code on the work order for instant printing. No bar code reader? The operator can enter the job number instead.

Since the creator of the label (or template) can store information such as printer destination, quantity and variable data within the file, there is nothing left for the operator to do but collect the labels from the printer.

In fact, print automation is so much better when batch printing to multiple printers – each preloaded with a different label stock. The entire job prints to each printer simultaneously. No waiting for one file to print before the next one begins.

Add smart prompts to make adjustments on the fly.

Smart Workflow - Print AutomationLove the idea of hands-off label printing, but still need the ability to customize certain aspects of a print job? No problem.

When you set up the label group to launch using a bar code reader or job number, you can also set up optional user prompts to remind operators to verify the printer has the right label stock, or allow them to select quantities, add control numbers or enter a date code.

Print automation is about defining a smarter workflow, reducing errors and waste and being more productive.

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