AT2000 CPK

AT2000 CPK - HellermannTyton

Apply Cable Ties Fast – Without Being Tied Down

The versatile AT2000 CPK Automatic Cable Tying System provides incredible precision and control for fast, one-handed wire and cable bundling in any production environment. With a host of accessories, our Autotool easily moves to where the work is and keeps operations going without interruption.

Learn why HellermannTyton’s AT2000 CPK is the class-leading choice for reliability, precision and consistency. You’d expect nothing less from the industry’s tool leader.

Fast and Easy

AT2000 CPK - HellermannTytonThe AT2000 CPK excels in high-volume automatic bundling applications – especially where precision and repeatability are critical. The tool is electronically operated. Simply connect the Power Pack and you’re ready to go. Pull the trigger and, in as fast as eight-tenths of a second, the Autotool applies a cable tie and is ready to deliver another.

Adapts to Any Workflow

The AT2000 CPK delivers bundling automation on your terms, whether you need to bring the tool to the job or the job to the tool. It runs on AC power, so no air compressor is needed. Right out of the case, the Autotool can be hand operated by positioning it in front of a bundle and squeezing the trigger.

AT2000 CPK - HellermannTytonOur exclusive Overhead Suspension CPK mount makes the tool virtually weightless, allowing operators to control the application instead of the other way around. We designed the hanger mechanism to provide unprecedented portability and control, while the tool is designed for ergonomic comfort during extended use.

Bench mount the system to increase bundling precision and reduce operator hand fatigue. A convenient foot pedal acts as the trigger.

Integrate the AT2000 CPK into a fully automated production line by using the Power Pack with Control Box. It is easily adaptable to robotic applications.

  • Exclusive independent motor for precise repeatability

  • Automatic bundling up to ¾" for versatile sizing

  • Software and user interface manages tension and speed, tracks performance and logs data

AT2000 CPK Powerpack

AT2000 CPK Benchmount

AT2000 CPK Software

Highly Advanced

Exclusive to the Autotool are two discreet drive motors. One motor delivers the tie, the other controls tension. Tension consistency is monitored in the included desktop software. This is especially useful when your customer requires verification that tension specs are being met. Production data and information can be analyzed on a PC to fine-tune processes.

An onboard TFT display is your window to production data, fault diagnostics and device control – in 19 languages.

Just What You Need for Most Jobs

AT2000 CPK - HellermannTytonWe designed the AT2000 CPK to be an indispensable workhorse for most applications and assembly environments. It uses HellermannTyton’s 18-pound cable ties from 50-piece bandoliers or 5,000-piece reels and fastens bundles up to three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

For applications outside that specification, HellermannTyton offers the widest range of automatic cable tie tool systems, covering cable tie tensile strengths of 18, 30 and 50 pounds with bundle diameters between 1/16" to over 3".

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