Manufacturing Expertise: In-house Mold Production

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HellermannTyton maintains a full-featured Mold Shop at our North American headquarters. This gives us extraordinary control over production timelines in terms of both mold creation and tool repair.

This department is strategically located just outside our Technical Center, where we have several presses dedicated to the task of prototyping. Their proximity to one another contributes to an agile operation that delivers benefits every day.

Mold building

Mold BuildingA great deal of our tooling is made on-site. Having the capability to build molds internally provides several advantages to us and our customers. Namely, we have greater control over build quality, time and costs, all of which pass through to our customers.

HellermannTyton employs several mold designers in-house. Every new mold design undergoes multiple reviews before we cut steel. The process is essential to ensure no time or expense is wasted. Once approved, each mold is machined using any number of precision methods.

3D visual inspection technology provides the final quality check.

Mold repair

Mold RepairMany plastics manufacturers send broken or worn molds out for repair.

But convenience and turnaround are essential to delivering highly competitive manufacturing services. And the benefits truly add up. We have the means and the personnel to bring a mold back to spec quickly. A repair that once took two to three days can now be completed in two to three hours – less, in some cases.

About HellermannTyton

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