Bolt Mount and Stud Mount Ratchet Clamps


Since we created the original, adjustable Ratchet P-Clamp (RPC), the industrial wire management scene has been forever changed for the better. Adjustable, one piece, requiring fewer sizes to cover a range of diameters, reopenable … it checks off every conceivable box.

And yet, the unique Ratchet Clamp platform has enabled us to adapt the convenience and efficiency of the RPC to more applications and customers. That bit of thinking went into the creation of two new members of the Ratchet Clamp family. Meet the Bolt Mount Ratchet Clamp and Stud Mount Ratchet Clamp.

They join the growing Inline Ratchet Clamp family. This means they have a center mount … they attach to the mounting surface directly beneath the clamp as opposed to an offset like a P-clamp.

  • Smaller footprint for applications where space is constrained.
  • Easily attaches to existing bolts and studs, eliminating the need for additional hardware.
  • One-piece ratchet closure design allows for easy installation during pre- or final assembly.
  • Clamp interior is designed to guide and center bundles to reduce pinching.

Easy, fast, secure


Managing wires, cables and hoses is easier with the Ratchet Clamp. Nothing to bend or get in your way. And choosing the right size for the job is simple since four parts cover bundles from 0.25 to 2 inches. The adjustable clamp can be closed by hand to the desired diameter and a tough, serrated pawl locks it down. The release feature allows easy and nondestructive removal or addition of cables simply by using a flat-head screwdriver. In this way, the clamp can be reused without removing it from the mounting surface.


Mount It With a Bolt

For those installers fastening their mounts with a bolt, no need to change your method unless you want to. We’ve got you covered with the Bolt Mount Ratchet Clamp in two options:

  • Low torque for standard mounting applications.
  • High torque, with a metal compression limiter to resist crushing.
  • Socket wrench clearance accommodates extra space needed for socket.
  • Recessed space for bolt head protects bundle from damage.

The robust design and durable, heat- and UV-resistant materials make it ideal for heavy duty applications, both indoors and out.


Mount It to a Stud

In applications where threaded studs exist, the Stud Mount Ratchet Clamp can be simply pushed on. No additional hardware and no drilling, so installation is instant and reliable.

  • Built-in stopper keeps bolt/screw from touching cables, preventing damage.
  • Pushes on easily, yet holds tight with up to 50 lb of pull-off force.

Stud mounting is a convenient method of managing cable routing, and since no tools are needed, it’s also the fastest.

Common Applications

Truck/Heavy Equipment – Harnesses/Hoses/Cables

  • Chassis/frames
  • Cabs

Automotive – Harnesses/Hoses/Cables

  • Chassis/frames

Rail – Harnesses/Hoses/Cables

  • Chassis/platforms
  • Infrastructure

Ratchet Clamps are Ready to Ship

Consider all the ways you can reap the benefits of this superior, exclusive cable and hose management solution. Ask your rep for samples or reach out to customer service for assistance:


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