Fiber to the "X"

Versatile Line of FTTx Enclosures Connect and Distribute Fibers in Last-Mile Applications

HellermannTyton’s fiber distribution enclosures enable installers to connect cables from the street level fiber backbone to individual residences and businesses, into and throughout the building and directly to the desk or access point.

FTTx means “Fiber to the Anything” – the home, office, apartment building, etc. Hence, these enclosures are designed to deliver dependable, long-term service in residential and commercial applications.

“HellermannTyton simplifies the deployment of fiber with compact and reliable enclosure solutions that are easy to install and manage.”

– Product Manager David Rifkin

Outdoor Connectivity

The outdoor solutions connect external private, municipal or service provider networks to a building or subscriber.

The pole or wall mountable Fiber Façade Enclosure (FFE) accepts up to 144-fiber OSP cable with the ability to connect up to eight outdoor drop cables and pass the remaining fibers to the next drop point. This ultra-compact enclosure protects the attachment, routing and splice areas, providing an uncluttered patching plane when the enclosure is opened.

Drop cables can be routed to the subscriber and connected using the Customer Connection Point (CCP), which doubles as an external provider test point.

Complementing the FTTx family of products, our Aerial Support Tie is a one-piece fastener specifically designed for easy installation of outside plant cables along messenger wires.

Bringing Connectivity Inside the Building

Our indoor solutions similarly provide a compact, layered method for transitioning FTTx network cables to the indoor network, distributing local area network connections or attaching wireless access points.

With options to splice or splice and patch, the Fiber Distribution Enclosure (FDE) can be used as a small fiber entrance facility, allowing fiber drop cables to terminate and transition to indoor cables, or distribute and route cables throughout the building, to support structured architectures.

The Fiber Wall Outlet (FWO) completes the end-to-end distribution solution by providing an outlet for network equipment, computers or a subscriber-owned device. It is suitable for traditional fiber cables or tubed MDU infrastructure.

Space-Saving Footprint

HellermannTyton offers the most compact FTTx enclosure series available, thanks to multi-layer architecture that stacks the contents as opposed to spreading items out on a single layer. The smaller size allows our products to fit in more places and be less visually intrusive.

Built to Last

These enclosures live up to the HellermannTyton name for dependability. For example, features for the outdoor enclosures include:

  • UV protection for extended life in sunlight.

  • UL 94 V-0 flame resistance, IP68 dust and water ingress and IK08 impact-resistance.

  • Sealed cable entry.

  • Tamper-proof covers.