Safety First

Safety First

Be Safe Out There

They say safety is the only job more important than the job. Even if your product itself saves lives, who’s responsible for your manufacturing and installation crews to ensure they’re safe from strain and hazards?

Their well-being is important. Almost as important, even short-term labor interruptions will cause production delays.

That’s why, in addition to producing safety products, we produce safe-to-use products. Taking cues from installers and working closely with ergonomists, our design engineers place a high priority on creating products that do more than function exceedingly well, they protect end-users from repetitive strain injuries.

“Our view of ergonomics has evolved over the years. We used to consider only the form of a product. Now it’s about the entire human interface ... effort required to assemble, the installer position, the installer’s safety, etc. A good rule of thumb is that a product should conform to the human first and not the other way around.”

Ed Dyer
VP of Engineering
HellermannTyton North America

How HellermannTyton keeps you safe

Helping our customers work safely is a constant priority for us. In fact, safety inspires the way we develop our products. Here are some ways we increase safety at the worksite and reduce installer injury and fatigue better than anyone in the business.

Printable Temporary Signs - Post onsite instructions, warnings and safety messages practically anywhere. These outdoor-rated, 8.5" x 11" signs are adhesive backed and run through any printer.

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Pre-printed Safety Signs and Labels - Our pre-printed safety identification products meet all OSHA and ANSI safety regulations. They come in a variety of messages and styles to cover all popular applications.

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EVO® Hand tools - Our popular manually operated cable tie application tools feature Tension-Lock-Cut (TLC) technology and an ergonomic design, making them the industry’s favorite in their class. The flush cut eliminates sharp edges that can injure workers.

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AT2000 CPK - This fully automated system applies cable ties, then precisely tensions and cuts them. In addition to holding the tool, it can be suspended or mounted to eliminate strain.

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Low Profile Metal Edge Clip - This is one example of how we build ergonomics into even simple fasteners. Our clip boasts the industry’s lowest push-on force with the highest extraction force.

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Standard Cable Ties - Designed to optimize insertion force with performance, providing improved ergonomics for workers at installation.

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Ratchet P-Clamp - We combined the clamp and the mounting bracket and made it incredibly easy to open and close. No painful bending or prying, and faster to install, too.

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