HellermannTyton’s Push-In Wire Connector Now 40% Smaller

"HelaCon Plus Mini” makes efficient use of space in electrical boxes.

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a significant, space-saving modification to its line of HelaCon Plus push-in wire connectors, now called HelaCon Plus Mini. This type of connector speeds the process of connecting electrical wires, which has traditionally been managed with twist-on wire connectors.

The HelaCon Plus Mini’s design is highlighted by its double-spring retention system. Individually, the spring plates have greater flexibility than competitive connectors. This promotes easier insertion of wires and helps prevent stranded wire from separating during installation. In tandem, the springs produce superior extraction force for ultra reliable connections.

“Compared to twist-on wire connectors, the Minis are faster to use and easier on operators’ fingers,” said HellermannTyton Product Manager Duane Kuske. “Electrical contractors will appreciate greater assurance their installations are safe – especially where vibration or movement is involved.”

The smaller footprint will be especially appreciated in the typically tight spaces associated with electrical enclosures. HelaCon Plus Minis are available in multiple configurations, from as few as two up to eight wire ports, to address most wire connection scenarios. The Minis accommodate a wide range of wire gauges, from 12-22 AWG solid copper wire and 14-22 AWG stranded wire.

This product will fully replace the original HelaCon Plus line of wire connectors later this year.

Helacon Plus Mini - HellermannTyton

For more information, visit Push-In Wire Connectors.

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