HellermannTyton Print Automation Virtually Eliminates Manual Tasks, Errors

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces true print automation, a technology included in the latest release of its label creation software, TagPrint Pro 4.0. Print automation gives commercial label users – such as wire harness and control panel shops – the ability to automate most of their print workflow, boosting efficiency while reducing waste.

The current, manual method of printing labels involves several procedures. From file management to ensuring the printer contains the right labels, each task invites a potential mistake to be made. These include opening the wrong file, typos and printing on the wrong label stock to name some of the more common issues.

With print automation, single- and even multi-label jobs can be stored along with print data, such as printer names, print quantities and even variable data fields within individual label files. Scanning a single bar code on a work order (or entering a job number in the absence of a scanner) can send multiple labels to print on separate printers in predetermined quantities. TagPrint Pro’s proprietary technology allows every printer utilized to run simultaneously.

“Shop owners and management agree that user error is the biggest threat to productivity and profitability where labeling is concerned,” said Marketing Manager – Identification Systems Todd Fries. “With print automation, one action can print an entire batch of labels. There is virtually no opportunity to waste labels or worse, send a mistake to a customer.”

HellermannTyton chose to include print automation with its label creation software so any shop, large or small, could benefit from the technology. Some competing products offer similar capabilities but require additional apps or custom programming.

More details about HellermannTyton’s “Next Gen Identification” at hellermann.tyton.com/next-gen-identification.

About HellermannTyton

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