HellermannTyton Introduces Versatile Line of FTTx Enclosures

Products connect and distribute fibers in last-mile applications.

MILWAUKEE - HellermannTyton announces a line of fiber distribution enclosures developed for installers to connect cables from the street level fiber backbone to individual residences and businesses, including options used throughout the building and directly to the desk or access point.

The outdoor Fiber Façade Enclosure accommodates up to eight fiber drops to the home, apartment or small office building. The compact Customer Connection Point transitions fiber drop cables into the building’s network, accommodating both splice and patch for single-subscriber connections. These UV protected and sealed outdoor systems provide an easy and reliable solution to connect outdoor fiber cabling and transition them into a building.

The Fiber Distribution Enclosure serves as both a Building Entry Point or as a Floor Distributor. Its hinged splice tray supports up to 18 fusion splices to splice and route fibers within the building. Additionally, a splice and patch version accommodates options to deploy with pluggable connectivity.

“Deploying fibers up to and throughout the building is an evolutionary step in satisfying increasing consumer demand for data,” said HellermannTyton Product Manager David Rifkin. “HellermannTyton assists in this transition by providing compact and reliable enclosure solutions that are easy to install and manage.”

More information at: www.hellermann.tyton.com/fttx.

FTTX - HellermannTyton

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