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We’re the muscle supporting the world’s solar power

As long as wires and cables carry the world’s solar energy, HellermannTyton continues to watch over them. We lead the solar industry in solutions that connect, fasten, route, protect and identify – bringing unmatched safety, reliability and longevity to PV systems.

Our product specialists partner with our customers, going out to the field, learning firsthand the challenges facing solar installations. That’s a prime reason HellermannTyton continually raises the bar in product performance while reducing maintenance frequency and costs.

From the industry’s most reliable edge clips to the longest lasting cable ties and identification products, HellermannTyton continues to blaze the trail others follow.

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Featured Products for Solar

In addition to the products we spotlighted earlier for this industry, here are more of the solar products that proudly bear the HellermannTyton name.

Solar Ties

Cable ties specially formulated to resist heat, cold, extended UV exposure and chemicals. All our nylon Solar Ties are made of UV stabilized material. Available enhancements include impact modified and heat stabilized materials, PA11, PA 12 and POMUV.

Solar Tie

Solar Tie

Solar Tie 2

Solar Tie

Solar Tie 3

Solar Tie

Solar E-Clips

Our reinforced edge clips and fir tree mounts with cable ties as well as our Module Omega Clip are made from UV stabilized, impact resistant nylon. More than an improvement over basic UV rated parts, they are designed to outperform all other similar fasteners on the market.

HellermannTyton Solar Edge Clip

Solar Edge Clip

Solar Tie with Fir Tree Mount

Solar Tie with Fir Tree Mount

Locking Clip with FIr Tree

Locking Clip with FIr Tree

Metal Solutions

HellermannTyton knows the details that must go into a metal solar fastener. Our metal edge clips have coined edges to protect wire jackets, are the industry’s easiest to insert and deliver best-in-class extraction force. Check out our low profile metal edge clips for better results in tight spaces and narrow edges.

Heavy Duty Metal Edge Clip

Heavy Duty Metal Edge Clip

Low Profile Metal Edge Clip

Low Profile Metal Edge Clip

Low Profile 90 Degree Metal Edge Clip

Low Profile 90 Degree Metal Edge Clip

Solar Identification

Pass inspection and make safety a priority around your PV systems. HellermannTyon’s labels and placards are so much better than others on the market, they carry the industry’s only 7- and 25-year warranties. Just look for the logo on our product listings and on the products themselves.

Put our workhorse printers in your organization and enjoy increased productivity, especially thanks to our exclusive TagPrint® Pro software.

Metal Solar Placard

Metal Solar Placard

NEC 2017 Printable Solar Labels

NEC 2017 Printable Solar Labels

TT130SMC Compact Thermal Transfer Printer

TT130SMC Compact Thermal Transfer Printer

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Trends and Innovations

As both product and thought leaders in the solar industry, we serve on several organizational boards to keep a finger on the pulse of change.

Longer-lasting materials continue to be a focus, as we find new ways to utilize reinforced resins and PVDF. Depending where in the world our products are deployed, we help customers make informed decisions based on environmental factors. For example, in coastal areas, the chemical reaction between the salt, zinc-plated steel fasteners and water in the atmosphere produces a solvent that makes PA66 a poor choice.

Every year, there are more solar farms, more residential installs and more jobs in this fast-growing market. Owners and operators want innovative fastening solutions, but for most, reducing costs remains a priority. Fortunately, HellermannTyton agrees. We constantly seek ways to drive cost out of the production of these essential parts while improving performance. Just as important, we demonstrate the significant cost savings and efficiencies of installing superior fasteners and identification products either from the start or during a maintenance cycle. Solar applications demand components that can withstand the elements and the tests of time. Maintenance after several weeks is unacceptable. Installation components should ideally last for decades.

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HellermannTyton delivers entire solutions. Beyond the best solar fastening and identification products available, our active involvement in industry associations, the development of standards and extensive field experience all work to your benefit. Take advantage.

We are your true industry partners, with expertise we are eager to share to help you thrive in this incredible, fast-changing landscape.

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Why HellermannTyton

We bring it to market first.
First adjustable cable clamp, first label warranty

More than any other wire management manufacturer, HellermannTyton has been advancing the state of the solar industry with game-changing firsts. Safety is our passion, the highest performance is our benchmark, and value is our byproduct.

Whether you’re looking for a more reliable cable tie, more durable identification or a single manufacturer to act as your personal advisor for best practices, HellermannTyton checks off all the boxes. Let’s look at how we can improve your operation and your bottom line.

Which is Better: Plastic or Metal?

There was a time when metal rivaled available plastics in withstanding the harsh conditions delivered by Mother Nature. Today, however, we’re making highly sophisticated plastics for the most extreme industrial applications, including heavy equipment, military, aerospace – and definitely solar.

Which is better depends on your application and, just as important, your supplier. Metal offers long service life. However, some metal fasteners have sharp edges, so pay attention to how cables are affixed and whether they are subject to movement. Over time, insulation can wear away or be sliced open due to a sharp metal fastener, resulting in the potential for arc faults. Our metal fasteners have coined edges to reduce the chances of this happening.

Plastic is softer than metal and less likely to slice through a cable jacket. When opting for plastic, controlling O&M costs requires choosing a material engineered for tough solar conditions. Climate and site conditions will determine which products make the most sense for a given application.

You do all you can to manage the hard costs for a PV system. But cheap parts result in unnecessary truck rolls, rework, repeat inspections, replacement parts and labor. Worse, they can lead to hazardous situations for repair or emergency crews. Those big-box fasteners could be costing you a fortune.

HellermannTyton’s most basic nylon solar fasteners contain UV stabilized materials, which last 5 to 7 times longer than so-called “UV rated” nylons. From there, we up the ante with more robust formulations that add incredible impact resistance and heat stabilizers. We’re talking about years of reliable performance, protecting your investment, protecting the power.

HellermannTyton PA66HIRHSUV


As a base material, PA66 is a weak UV resistant material. HellermannTyton's unique blend includes an added UV stabilizer, high-impact resin and heat stabilizers. This material offers excellent cost savings while withstanding the everyday wear and tear in most solar applications.

HellermannTyton POMUV


Also known as Polyacetal, a crystalline copolymer. With added UV stabilizers, this material delivers predictable, long-term performance over a wide range of temperatures. It has good chemical resistance with increased strength and rigidity.

HellermannTyton Nylon 12

Nylon 12

This material absorbs minimal moisture, even in environments with frequent humidity cycling. Basic PA12 provides strong resistance to chemicals, oils and salts, while providing excellent UV resistance. We add UV and heat stabilizers to enhance strength and durability.

HellermannTyton PVDF


Our fluoropolymer-based material provides some of the highest UV, chemical and thermal resisrance of any plastic resin. Tough and extraordinarily long lasting, PVDF is designed to virtually eliminate wire management failure over the life of a PV system.

Best wire management: revenue is running out of the holes in your racking

HellermannTyton brings customers some of its greatest support in the form of wire management best practices. We’ve seen it all, at solar farms across the U.S. So, we share installation tips that protect these massive investments.

The hidden costs of poor wire management are several times greater than the cost of doing it correctly.

Wire Management

Even the best-made clips, mounts and ties in the world will fail prematurely if used incorrectly. Take those rack holes … they are one of the most common points where fasteners fail. The holes’ sharp edges slice away at plastic parts due to wind movement and thermal expansion during the day. Trackers only exacerbate the problem. Up to 30 percent of poor wire management practices lead to severe, long-term issues.

Ratchet P-Clamp

A first: The Ratchet P-Clamp

An ultra-durable wire, cable and tubing fastener that can adjust to different sized diameters with a click. It won’t tear at insulation the way metal P-clamps can, and it’s strong enough to use at the end of an array or at a transition where lesser fasteners are prone to fail.

Pass inspections: those “stickers” that faded will cost you big-time

Safety warning labels convey important messages intended to save lives. In fact, NEC codes require them. A label that blows away, peels or fades is useless. Not only would it fail inspection, it would fail to warn individuals, contractors and emergency personnel of looming hazards.

On average, 75 percent of PV system inspections reveal operational problems that result in a failed inspection.


Labels may seem like an obvious area to “price shop,” but the cost of a failed inspection including rework can take a deep bite out of profits. And this is only one area that must pass scrutiny, as poor wire management is equally hazardous.

HellermannTyton is the industry’s code compliance leader, taking the mystery out of the required NEC directives and industry standards. Either ask us for assistance, or order our NEC Solar Label Poster. It’s a great way to practice safety and pass inspections.

7- and 25-year limited warranties on solar labels and placards
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A first: 7-Year Label Warranty, 25-Year Placard Warranty

We are so confident our solar identification products will outlast any comparable solution, we are the only manufacturer in the industry to back them up with long-term warranties.

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